25 Jul 2013

Mobile Miscellany, 24 July 2013, Apply now to demo on 9th Sept, 25% off The Mobile Academy

In this Miscellany - apply now to demo at Demo Night, 9th Sept, The Mobile Academy announces its 3rd season - 25% off, if you hurry ...

It's been a great summer, hasn't it? What with the much discussed sporting successes and now the royal baby - but it would not have been complete without our series of three Mobile Monday London events on Mobile Marketing, Geolocation and Maps and our event last week on Mobile Operating Systems - many thanks to our wonderful supporters for these events, respectively InfobipOrdnance Survey and Canonical.

Last Event, 15th July, Mobile Operating Systems

Our coverage of this event is now on the blog, many thanks to Adam Cohen-Rose, avid attender of Mobile Monday London and an assiduous blogger. Our friends over at Canonical brought loads of hardware and showed us Ubuntu on mobile devices, which I thought was really promising. We were also treated to a lightning tour of the report "Developer Economics 2013", a fascinating insight into the shifting world of developer mindshare.

Finally, but not by any means least we were treated to an amazing discussion of developments in the mobile platform arena and what that might mean to the mobile value chain. With many thanks for that to our top class panel lead by Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight, with Alex Sinclair of GSMA, David Wood of Delta Wisdom, Andreas Constaninou of Vision Mobile, Victor Palau of Canonical and Christian Heilmann of Mozilla.

For links, details of the discussion and more, check the blog.

Want to demo on 9th Sept?

Demo Night is always very popular with the community, and once again we're working with our event partners ICT KTN to bring you a Demo Night on 9th September.  If you're not familiar with the demo night format, well, it looks like this. Each of roughly 10 participants gets to speak about their idea, product or service for exactly three minutes and field questions from the audience for a couple more minutes. 

There are no special qualifications, you may have a ready to roll product, you may have an interesting idea, you may be a large company or small company... check out January's demo night write up for an idea of what it is all about. Past demoers have had all kinds of interesting journeys, so we'll ask a couple of them to talk about their experiences too.

Lots of past demoers have found the experience of having to put their message across in 3 mins very helpful, but even more helpful has been the feedback, encouragement and suggestions they get from members of the community. Apply now! We will be closing applications to demo no later than 2nd September. Registration to attend the event and not demo will open "later".

The Mobile Academy where mobile minds meet, think and grow 1st Oct – 3rd Dec

Are you are a company that needs to get deeper into mobile? Perhaps you are a hipster, hacker or hustler with ideas to pro­gress? Maybe you simply want to learn more about devel­oping new ideas in a world where more people have access to a mobile phone than a toothbrush…

Well you will be pleased to hear that we have opened registration for the third season of The Mobile Academy, a certified CPD evening programme from UCL & Mobile Monday London. With talks, workshops, demonstrations and surgeries delivered by industry experts - many from the Mobile Monday community - it is a collaborative learning environment to get a grounding in business, design and how to work with technology.

OK, so here's the rush, there's a 25% Early Bird discount which runs to 5th August, for start-ups that means that the cost is just £375 and from £750 for businesses. Book here: http://moblacad-2013-10-01-Momolo.eventbrite.com.

Please do get in touch with julia@themobileacademy.org.uk if you have any questions.

That's it for now, remember to apply to demo on Sept 9th! You'll get a great reception and wonderful feedback from the audience. That link again: http://j.mp/momolo-demo-2013-09