24 Jan 2007

Mobile Monday London's Peer Award Winner

We have now finalised the voting for London's entry into the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards, and the winner is ... Reporo! Congratulations to all involved at Reporo, we shall be watching the grand final in February at the Mobile Monday gathering at 3GSM. To all the other companies entered and that have demoed at a MoMoLondon event, a huge thanks to your efforts and I am sure you will join with us in wishing Reporo good luck at the Awards in Barcelona.

16 Jan 2007

MoMo London: "Bubble 2.0?"

This week's Mobile Monday, the first of 2007, featured a great panel discussion on the current innovation and funding boom, especially as it relates to mobile startups. Are we in a bubble and if so, is it all about to go horribly wrong...again? Well, the consensus of the panel seemed to be that there are some very real differences this time around. Watch out for the podcast, coming soon, for the whole story.

"Bubble 2.0?"
The speakers at Mobile Monday London, 8 June 2006
Roughly 200 mobile industry executives came to hear our expert panel of prognosticators pontificate on this portentious issue.

We also heard from some great startups working on mobile innovations:Aditon, OOKL, Quickal and Reporo. Many thanks to our panelists and to our great demoers!

Finally, we have opened up the voting for Mobile Monday London's entrant into the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards happening on the 12th of Feb in Barcelona (co-located with the lesser-known 3GSM event).

The vote is to be performed through SMS, one vote each and is sponsored by Telecom Express . Send in one of the following messages to 88088


This service is free but you will be charged your normal network rates to send the message.

10 Jan 2007

MoMo Global Peer Awards - London Nominations, Short list

The short-list comprises UK based start-ups that have demoed to London MoMo since the last MoMo Global Peer Awards. Voting on the short list will take place after the event on Monday 15th Jan and will remain open till Friday 19th Jan.

The short list and when they presented is as follows. Each company has been asked to supply a 100 word summary of what they do, just in case you don't remember/weren't there at the time! The 100 word summaries are below the short list.

May 06
Juvino www.juvino.com

Jun 06
3G Doctor 3gdoctor.com

July 06
Otodio www.otodio.com
Active Media Technology www.activemediatech.com

October 06
Wider Web www.widerweb.co.uk
Rapid Mobile Media www.rapid-mobile.com

December 06
pinppl www.pinppl.com
Marmot Technologies www.marmot-technologies.com
Pitch TV www.pitch.tv

Jan 07
OOKL www.ookl.org.uk
Reporo www.reporo.com
Aditon www.aditon.com
Quickal www.quickal.com

100 Word Summaries

Juvino www.juvino.com

Juvino is a service aimed at enabling mobile users to easily save on their mobile costs. It works through the use of free downloadable software (Symbian and J2ME which routes calls and texts off the operator's network and into an alternative network for delivery. Savings of up to 95% on international calls, 65% on cross network calls and 50% on text messaging are possible. Importantly the service works on current mass market GSM mobiles phones and does not require a Wi-Fi connection.

3G Doctor 3gdoctor.com

3G Doctor provides the 24/7 opportunity to meet with qualified General Medical Council registered Doctors by 3G Video Calling. In addition to offering the promise of an inexpensive means of access to impartial advice on non urgent health concerns, the service overlies an open and generic platform which can support an unlimited and evolving range of m-health devices and solutions and which can be customized to the needs of individuals. 3G Doctor is currently establishing its presence through the organisation of a large trial with a leading UK charity that represents physically disabled adults.

Otodio www.otodio.com

Otodio is a new way of delivering content for users to effectively listen to publications and documents. It is specifically designed for multitasking and for enhanced learning. e.g. listen to print media or enterprise documents while driving; or significantly improve retention by looking and listening.

Navigation, and many other key features, mean Otodio delivers a massively improved user experience for consuming print type information in comparison to Podcasting (based on vinyl music paradigm). Also, unlike Podcasting, Otodio also allows media and print content owners to easily, effectively, profitably make their content available for audio consumption. Think of Otodio as a mobile centric mix of PDF and Skype.

Active Media Technology www.activemediatech.com

ActiveMedia Technology is a leading mobile coupon and ticketing platform provider. We have deployed our platform for successful campaigns like Orange Wednesdays in the UK and Romania, Hutch Tuesdays in India, Virgin Mobile Louder and numerous other campaigns for Sprint, Telefonica and retailers.

Our patent pending platform RAPOS (Redemption at POS), initially launched in 2001 has been developed working with customers in different sectors. It allows for tickets to be purchased online, or on mobile using PayPal mobile, browse for lastminute ticket availability and combine location feeds to target the offers and have the ticket or coupon delivered in the form of barcodes and read at POS using a cheap and scalable $ 20 webcameras connected to PC based tills.

We have conducted over 13 million mobile tickets making ActiveMedia Technology the leading mobile couponing and ticketing company.

Wider Web www.widerweb.co.uk

WiderWeb is a leading developer of mobile web access solutions, providing adaptation servers to bring the whole web to mobile users. The WiderWeb technology takes poorly structured web sites and delivers them in a highly optimised, compressed and standards based XHTML/MP format to devices. Markets being addressed include Open Web access plus Mobile Search and RSS Syndication.

WiderWeb deploys solutions to service providers and leading mobile operators around the world, including Hutchison3G and Amstrad. WiderWeb also works with a growing number of value added partners and resellers including 724 Solutions, Mobixell, Zeus Technology and Adamind plc.

Rapid Mobile Media www.rapid-mobile.com

Rapid Mobile’s Ad360 is a suite of intelligent mobile advertising solutions, making mobile advertising work for advertisers, publishers and consumers on any mobile device.

Ad360 neatly removes the biggest obstacles on the path to successful and sustainable mobilization and “monetization” of on and off-line content. It eliminates mobile application porting costs, prevents ad avoidance, and replaces perceived spam with intelligent, context-specific messages tailored to individual consumer’s needs and tastes.

Online retailers, listings companies, content providers, network operators, and brand owners, or their advertising agencies, can use Ad360 to deliver well-executed messages directly to their most important audiences.

Pinppl www.pinppl.com

pinppl (pronounced "pin people") is a miniature social network and profile hosting service for users of the BlackBerry. It utilises the built-in messaging features that all BlackBerry devices have, linking people by their PIN numbers (unique identifiers given to every device).

It runs on the BlackBerry's native Web browser, as well as on a full screen browser. Users simply have to visit a pinppl profile, click on a user's PIN number, and start communicating right away, in real time, using the BlackBerry's pre-installed email and instant messaging applications.

Users can upload a photo, tag their profile with hobbies and interests, add and remove friends, and even manage comments.

Marmot Technologies www.marmot-technologies.com

Nice-1 is a mobile social networking platform that provides users with remote access to community functions. Through a single, simple application users can share text, photos, music and video content across mobiles, e-mail and the web, and because Nice-1 works over the internet, all this is delivered at very low cost.

In addition to significantly enhancing their member proposition, Nice-1 provides social networks with a number of additional benefits such as a viral marketing tool, free campaign messaging, permission based marketing control and full campaign transaction history.

Pitch TV www.pitch.tv

Pitch, the UK's first advertising-funded mobile content provider, has launched a brand new service offering users a fully-interactive entertainment community on their mobile handsets. Bringing the Web 2.0 social networking phenomenon to the mobile phone, Pitch's new service features instant messaging, photo and video upload and sharing as well
as access to an exciting new online community. Through the new service, Pitch customers can build their own mobile home page, complete with a unique user name and inbox, allowing them to send messages to friends or groups, as well as participating in real time group chat with other Pitch members. Thus users can create and join interest groups, enabling them to stay in touch with old friends or meet new people with similar interests - all through their mobile phones. Pitch does not charge for this service, so the only costs users incur come from data charges, making instant communication significantly cheaper than sending a text through a network operator.

OOKL www.ookl.org.uk

OOKL is an innovative learning service that enables children to use mobiles to 'collect' objects, record sounds, write comments and take pictures of objects relating to what they are learning. This information is instantly uploaded to a web page where the children create a presentation of their work and then share it with their classmates, teacher and family online. The service is accredited by Curriculum Online and has been hailed by the Institute of Education as the 'future of learning".

Reporo www.reporo.com

Reporo's mission is to provide compelling and addictive content and services for mobiles for free. Instant Messaging, text and picture messaging, News, Gaming and shopping that includes great brands such as CDWow!, Domino's Pizza and ebay are all enabled by a quick and easy free download to your mobile handset.

Reporo is also the technical power behind the Carphone Warehouse's MyMobileLife service. In addition to the Reporo offerings, MyMobileLife provides comprehensive football alerts as a premium service - streaming goals and much more live information straight to your handset.

Aditon www.aditon.com

Aditon is the brains behind U Daily - a personalised content discovery channel pushed to the mobile phone’s idle-screen.

The Aditon platform delivers individually-tailored content, teasers and advertising every day - which the user can actively engage with, follow a call-to-action, or simply click away. This content is free to the user and funded by advertising.

U Daily allows the user to be entertained and informed when and where they choose. The more they engage, the more relevant the content becomes.

The Aditon service offers Mobile Content Providers, Advertisers and Operators with an innovative way to grow their revenues, audiences, and overall brand engagement.

Aditon is a PA Group company.

Quickal www.quickal.com

Quickal enables people to deploy complete mobile marketing solutions. We provide a short-code service along with Internet to mobile click and a search facility at Quickal.com. Quickal enables people to develop MMS messages at our site and deploy them as a complete mobile marketing solution in a matter of minutes. At Quickal you can preview messages, manage your messaging accounts, assign interests, and view far more content than just messages. For more information please visit www.quickal.com and/or call 01273704508 if you are interested in using Quickal.

8 Jan 2007

Mobile SVG Event in NYC

The MobileMonday NY committee, Antoine Quint of SVG.org, Scott Weiss of Usable Products and Dan Appelquist of Vodafone and MobileMonday London are happy to invite you to the Rich Mobile Experiences with SVG event held in New York City on January 29th.

This event has been set up to provide an exhaustive overview of the Mobile SVG ecosystem with a strong selection of leaders in the field -- Sun Microsystems, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Ikivo, Opera, BitFlash and Beatware -- coming together to present their solutions and visions around Mobile SVG.

Speakers will update you on everything relevant to this key rich mobile technology including authoring solutions, deployed and live services, integration in application platforms (J2ME, Brew, Symbian), user interfaces design, mobile browsing, etc. A closing panel and Q&A session, followed by a networking reception, will allow you to take part in the discussion and get answers to real-world problems related to creating rich mobile experiences with SVG.

The main event will run from 3pm to 8pm, followed by the reception, on Monday January 29th at the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center near Central Park. Registration is completely free and already open on our Upcoming.org page. There is limited seating, so take the time to register now. Look out for a complete event program on this page in the coming days.

4 Jan 2007

Jan 15: Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for our next meeting, on the 15th of January, hosted by Wireless World Forum (with reception sponsored by Nokia). The venue is the CBI conference centre at Centrepoint.

The theme for the evening will be 'Bubble 2.0?' We will feature a panel of experts grappling with questions about the current boom in the startup markup (particularly focused on mobile startups). Is the current boom sustainable? Panelists will include Azeem Azhar (Reuters), Martin Fiennes (Clarity Capital Partners), Madhuban Kumar (Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures) and Sam Sethi (Vecosys).

We will also feature a number of demos from mobile startups in the run-up to the Mobile Monday Global Peer Awards happening in Barcelona next month at 3GSM.

If you wish to attend, please register yourselves in our database.