27 Aug 2009

Wrap up for MoMoLondon August - Java Mobile

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the Java Mobile event on Monday. Special thanks must go to the sponsors for the evening Sun Microsystems ... let's just say there was ample drink available that evening! Also huge thanks to our panelists who stepped up at such short notice:

Simon Nicholson - Director, Operator Engagement at Sun Microsystems
Sergio Falletti - Commercial Director at Future Platforms
Kieran Gutteridge - CTO at IntoHand
Andy Milloy - Lead Client Architect at Surf Kitchen
Adam Cohen Rose - Lead developer at Kizoom ... with extensive coverage in his blog post

As is now tradition, rather than review the event ourselves, if you have written a blog/article on the event then please pop an email over to one of the MoMoLondon team (or tweet me on @alexcraxton) and we will update the links on our blog and website.