The MoMoLo Community

We exist in both on-line and real-world forms. Our real-world existence consists of events. Our main on-line presence consists of this blog, our Yahoo! Groups mailing list, Linkedin Group (MobileMonday London) and Twitter.

Simply Put

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We're known for our events! They happen (roughly) monthly, and they are free to attend.  Registration is through Eventbrite.

Events take the form of a panel sessions on a topical subject, demo nights and debates followed by networking and drinks. You can read about what goes on in the write ups on this blog. The networking is a really important component of the events, you'll get to meet all kinds of people with whom you can exchange ideas, do business, find funding ... and even sell your business!

Use the hashtag #momolo on Twitter when mentioning our events!

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We publicise our events via our Mailing List and also here on our blog. If you want to be sure to be notified about events, promotions, offers and everything then sign up for email updates from this blog via Feedburner which also provides for other types of reader. Naturally there's also an Atom feed direct from the blog.

We also announce events on our Yahoo! Groups discussion group (see below), on Twitter  and via LinkedIn

Yahoo! Groups Discussion List

We have an active email discussion group at Yahoo! Groups which is a really important part of the community activity.

This is a place for members of the community to engage with each other and have discussions around key issues in the industry, follow-on discussions from topics, companies and ideas covered in recent events, raise questions and get answers about advice and support in doing business in a particular sector or country, thoughts on working with network operators, handset manufacturers, media owners, shared experience in raising investment ... you get the idea.

There are some great brains and a vast wealth of experience in the email discussion group, make sure you don't miss out.

Joining the Email Discussion List

To add yourself to the group send an email to or enter your email here:

In order to see the archives of the group you have to sign in to Yahoo! (using a Yahoo! ID or using Facebook or Google) - you have more control of the way that emails are sent to you if you join this way.

Posting to the list is not moderated - well, unless you break the rules, in which case we will put you on moderation. The rules are pretty obvious, be polite, don't flame people, and please make sure to adhere to list etiquette regarding posting jobs and events.

List Etiquette


Make sure to check with us first about promoting an event on this list. We do occasionally promote other people's events on their behalf, and if you'd like us to do that then please do contact us.


The rule of thumb is... if you're a start-up or SME doing direct recruitment, it's OK to post job requests from time to time and within reason - but please keep them short and to the point and link out to the full job spec/blog post/whatever - but please ask us before posting.

If you are a large company or a recruitment agency, then this is not the place to post job listings without checking with us first. We have advertising options available from time to time for recruiters. Please get in touch to discuss if that’s of interest.