11 Apr 2016

Taking a Break

Since 2005 Mobile Monday London has been the community for people involved in building and deploying mobile products and services. With over 14,000 members it has had the objective of being a catalyst for mobile business and innovation.

Mobile Monday London has helped members to keep abreast of continuing and ever accelerating change by staging well over 100 topically themed events and by facilitating knowledge exchange among members. It has provided a forum for people from all disciplines in an environment where small and large businesses feel equally at home, within which fruitful partnerships form and where funding and acquisitions take place.

At our regular events we often chose a particular trend or development as the focus of a discussion led by a diverse panel of industry experts. The objective of these events has been less for attendees to be talked at by the experts and very much more for attendees to participate in the discussion of the topic in hand. There is very deep expertise in the community and those with that expertise have been very willing to share it.

At other events we have held debates about topical subjects and have been proud to showcase early stage start-ups in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Mobile is now an established fact and the once heady dream of more people accessing the Internet via their phone than from a desktop has long passed. The journey has been incredibly exciting and enjoyable and it's been a pleasure to have worked with the community to facilitate so many things. However now it's time to take a break to consider what is next.

Do drop us a note to say hi, should you feel so moved.