29 Oct 2010

Kemp Little Guide To UK Employment Law 2010-2011

Our friends at Kemp Little has produced it’s annual Guide to UK Employment Law 2010-2011 which I thought might be of interest to our community. No, it’s not specifically mobile technology related, but since many of us around these parts are running businesses, large and small, this will hopefully serve as a practical guide to lead you through the latest in UK employment law and how it affects you. The aim of the guide is to provide practical, easy to use materials for HR professionals and people managers and is an interactive format (pdf). It covers everything you need to know from what needs to be in an employment contract to rights during employment and how to deal with business transfers and unions. And it’s all laid out in an easy to read and easy to digest manner.

The guide is free but you need to request a copy from the Kemp Little website http://www.kemplittle.com/html/stay-posted/publications/employment-guide.html and contact them with the details of the guide you’d like to receive.

13 Oct 2010

List etiquette – especially jobs and events

Just a quick word on list etiquette for our email list when it comes to job and event postings and what's ok and what's not.

The rule of thumb is... if you're a start-up or SME doing direct recruitment, it's ok to post job requests from time to time and within reason - but please keep them short and to the point and link out to the full job spec/blogpost/whatever. If in doubt, ask us (contact@ mobilemonday.org.uk). Nine times out of ten, it will be just fine. Just occasionally, we might think it has overstepped the mark. What we don't want is for our email group to descend into a sales noticeboard for recruiters. There are other places where that's fine. And if we had the resources (time and people), we'd set up our own jobs mailing list which would *just* be a noticeboard for jobs but alas, we can't do everything we'd like to...

If you are a corporate type of company or a recruitment agency, then this is not the place to post job listings without checking with us first. We have advertising options available from time to time for recruiters. Please get in touch to discuss if that’s of interest.

Pretty much the same goes for event organisers and people promoting events - please check with us first before promoting an event on this list. Half the time it'll be ok, half the time, it might not fit - depends on what we have on our calendar and what else is going on on the list. Again, our email list isn't about publicising events other than Mobile Monday London related ones.

Hope that's clear. But if in doubt, just check with one of the organisers and we'll be happy to advise.

What we'd love to see more of on the list is actual discussion around key issues in the industry, follow-on discussions from topics, companies and ideas covered in recent events, questions and answers about advice and support in doing business in a particular sector or country, thoughts on working with network operators, handset manufacturers, media owners, shared experience in raising investment.... you get the idea. There are some great brains and a vast wealth of experience in this email group and it would be great to see more of that resource shared with everyone.

Looking forward to some good conversations.


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