17 Sept 2008

Autumn Schedule Kicks Off

Our Autumn schedule kicked off on Monday with a panel session on Mobile Platforms, and saw nearly 200 participants in an interesting and lively exchange of views between the panellists and between the audience and panel.

Annie Turner, editor of telecomseurope.net gave us some of her birthday evening to chair the session (thanks Annie!) with panellists Ricardo Varela (Yahoo!), Ben Last (EMCC Software), Simon Rockman (SonyEricsson), Nick Allott (OMTP) and Marko Balabanovic (lastminute.com) offering a range of different (and controversial) perspectives.

Some resulting blog posts:

Simon Judge
Kai Hendry
Ben Matthews

Once again, many thanks to our kind sponsors, Yahoo! and EMCC Software for facilitating the evening.

The calendar for the rest of the year looks like this, the dates are fixed, the topics may be refined:

13th October: NFC
10th November: 3rd Birthday Party, The Year in Review
1st December: Social Networking Revisited

Looking forward to seeing everyone then!

5 Sept 2008

Next Event: Mobile Platforms: Too much choice or Hobson's choice?

Mobile Monday London 15 Sept.

Hosted By: EMCC and Yahoo!

Mobile Platforms: Too much choice or Hobson's choice?

A focussed panel discussion

With the growing interest in Ajax and Widgets, and initiatives like BONDI, the choice of development platform has never been greater. How do these technologies play against or with more traditional approaches like installable J2ME and Native Apps.

So where do you put your money for the most reach? Is it possible to adopt one approach or do you need to consider more than one in parallel? What is the most effective way to engage mobile users with new services and applications, now and into the future? What are the relative advantages to each of these hold, both from a technical and a business perspective?

Chaired by Annie Turner (Editor, telecomseurope.net), confirmed panellists are Simon Rockman (SonyEricsson), Nick Allott (OMTP), Marko Balabanovic (lastminute.com), Garry Partington (EMCC) and Ricardo Varela (Yahoo!).

Registration is now open. Please note, you must be a member of the mailing list in order to register for this event.

Venue: CBI Conference Centre at the base of the Centrepoint tower by Tottenham Court Tube.

As usual the event is free; first come, first served. Doors will open at 6pm to start the event at 6.30pm.