29 Apr 2010

*Exclusive* Start-up tickets available for the Open Mobile Summit London 26 and 27 May

openmobilesummit logoThat’s right, you heard me. I met with Robin Batt, who runs the Open Mobile Summit happening in London next month at the Hilton Tower Bridge, and she’s offering Mobile Monday London 10 tickets to the conference for £850 + VAT. (Regular price £1395). Register here with VIP Code “momo” – the 10 specially priced tickets will be allocated first come first served.

The Open Mobile Summit explores the convergence of Internet and mobile worlds at the strategic level and focuses on how we can all build and monetize an open mobile ecosystem. Now in its second year in London and with a very impressive line-up of over 60 speakers, in an intimate networking environment, this is a highly regarded event.

“I attend a lot of conferences around the world and this was one of the best I have attended in a long time. The OMS had a real CxO crowd, and unlike the big trade shows there was real networking” Pascal Lorne, CEO, Miyowa

It’s not often you get to rub shoulders with people like Olaf Swantee, group wide CEO of Orange at France Telecom, Alberto Torres EVP Nokia or US entrepreneurs like Josh Williams the CEO of Gowalla.  So, if you have a great mobile idea, service or proposition, and are looking for some heavyweight partners to make it happen, the Open Mobile Summit might be just the forum for you.

This certainly isn’t your average crowd of mobile web enthusiasts and deserves to be differentiated as such. It’s been on our radar for a couple of years now and we think it’s important because it brings together the heavy hitters from the wireless establishment, together with the start-ups and innovators. That’s quite unusual but needs to happen if we are to drive real change and innovation in mobile markets and services…and open the mobile Internet ecosystem. And that’s why Mobile Monday London is pleased to be a supporting organisation to the event.

Lastly, if you’re the CEO of a start-up application publishing company then you may qualify for one of 5 fully sponsored passes. For more information, please email Robin to see if you qualify. 

Otherwise don’t forget the first 10 people to use the MOMO code can get a pass for £850 https://www.openmobilesummit.com/lon/register/

Hope to see some of you there!

28 Apr 2010

24 May: Where Mobile Meets Media, Round 2

Yes, we covered this topic in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress and it's such a hot topic, we're revisiting it at our next Mobile Monday London event.

The world of traditional media is experiencing difficulty in matching declining advertising revenues with the costs associated with production. At the same time, they're also facing the problem of the increasing fragmentation of audiences. A whole new world of social media is also emerging, the revenue models for which are, to say the least, unclear. With mobile devices all around us, games devices having ability to upload, sideload and download content, e-readers, iPads, this area is growing rapidly. And with some media owners opting for a paywall, this sector is dynamic.

Please join the Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (DC-KTN), Mojiva and Mobile Monday London at this evening discussion that will address these issues, and in particular, the likely future role of mobile in the creation, delivery and monetisation of media.

Russell Buckley from Admob will be chairing the session again as he did such a good job last time. The panel will include Ulyssa Macmillan from the BBC, David Gibbs from Sky, Dave Gwozdz from Mojiva and Neil Johnson from Teletext. Further panellists tbc.

Venue: CBI at Centrepoint. It's on the first floor of the very tall building that sits on top of Tottenham Court Road tube station at the intersection of Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and New Oxford Street. N.B. Please use the side entrance at street level.


6pm - doors open for a prompt 6.30pm start.

6.30pm - welcome and introductions

6.35pm - keynote: current state of play in media and mobile

6.50pm - panel session

8.00pm – networking and drinks

9.30pm – close

Places are limited, but if you’d like to come, please register and RSVP at http://momolo.org/

*Due to the high number of no-shows, we are not always able to guarantee you a seat - especially if you're late!

*Please note that all registration information from this event only will be shared with DC-KTN

About our sponsors:

DC-KTN The Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network has been established by an industry-led group of leading players, with funding from the Technology Strategy Board. We seek to bring competitive advantage to the UK by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between the users and providers of Digital Communications, and helping to drive innovation in the sector. We facilitate innovation and knowledge transfer, by providing UK businesses with the opportunity to meet and network with key individuals and organisations from within the UK and overseas. It's free to join our network at http://www.dcktn.org.uk/

Mojiva http://www.mojiva.com/ is a mobile advertising company that owns and operates the fastest growing mobile advertising network, currently reaching more than 41 million unique users monthly through mobile web and app display advertising. The Mojiva network gives brand marketers and publishers everything they need to efficiently run targeted mobile display advertising campaigns within premium mobile content on any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads and other tablet devices. Founded in May 2008 and based in New York City, Mojiva has grown faster than any other advertising platform, and currently helps advertisers reach their target mobile audiences in 190 countries.

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Empowering the Charitable Sector with Interactive Technology – 27 May 2010

 kn_seminarsBlimey, it’s all go in May isn’t it – May seems to be Mobile Month. So many great events on including our own! And here’s another one for you.

This one is all about harnessing the power of social media and interactive platforms (with a strong emphasis on mobile) in order to deliver successful and cost-effective revenue generation and social engagement campaigns for the charity and not for profit sector. Sounds entirely relevant to me.

In an increasingly ‘connected’ world, interactive platforms such as the web, TV, mobile and social media can offer the charitable sector opportunities to drive higher revenue generation and public engagement at lower costs.

This event looks at the key areas that charities should be focusing on in order to maximize their fundraising activities and get the most out of their investment in digital platforms.

Learn, Network, and Share ideas with leading charitable organisations and their technology service partners at this AIME-led Knowledge & Networking one day event held at the Paddington Hilton Hotel, London May 27th, chaired by Andrew Darling, Mobile Industry Consultant & Communications Director for AIME. There will be case studies galore, including Comic Relief/Sports Relief, Save the Children, Unicef, Leonard Cheshire Disability Organisation, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Just Giving Organisation and DEC.

So if you are in the charity sector, have clients in the charity sector or just have an interest in the sector, then this one-day event from AIME on Thursday 27 May might just be up your street.

Mobile Monday London members can take advantage of the AIME members rate of £75 + VAT *only up until 14th May*. To claim the discount, please call Bianca Saccu on 08445 828 828 before 14th May 2010 and quote ‘MoMoLo’. Normal price is £99 + VAT.

You can see the full line-up of speakers and the agenda at the AIME website.

European SatNav competition - ESNC

The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is open to anybody with an idea which utilises satellite navigation technology, be it for position, time, navigation or any other application.

This year, the UK part of ESNC runs from the 1st May to 31st July 2010, giving applicants the chance to gain opportunities, support, funding and aid to ensure their new business idea can thrive and that the satellite navigation industry can continue to develop in the future. And I’ve been tipped off that mobile based entries tend to do pretty well so this is very relevant for our community.

ESNC is sub-categorised into regional competitions (so there is a UK region to enter for), as well as six special topic competitions and the overall competition for which all areas and regions can be considered. And the prizes aren’t to be sniffed at. The first prize for the UK ESNC is:

  • £10000 cash
  • 6 months business incubation
  • 3 years membership to the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN)
  • Free UK patent submission
  • Business plan advice
  • Introductions to technology partners and funding opportunities
  • High profile national and international PR campaign

Sadly we’ve missed the London briefing day, but there are other briefing days up and down the country which you can attend to find out more. Details on the website.

If you’re into location based services, have a good idea for mapping, or think you can do better than what’s already out there, why not give it a shot? As far as I can see, it’s free to enter and the winners will be announced in October.

Good luck!

27 Apr 2010

M-Payments – myths and reality – event round up

Lauren McGregor, one of our volunteer team, has written up a comprehensive blogpost about our m-payments event on 19 April which was sponsored and hosted by GSMA.

But before we go to Lauren’s write-up, you might be interested in the GSMA’s take on Mobile Money. They’ve produced a short animation which shows their vision for a world where mobile and money are integrated. For folks new to the concept, it’s worth a look. You can see it here.

Also you might be interested in their Mobile Money Summit in Rio - 24-27 May.

So without further ado, over to you Lauren…

Lauren - Mobile MondayI have always been interested in how mobile phones can replace the multitude of items that seem to swamp my handbag. I’ve seen the humble mobile phone evolve from simply making calls and sending SMS to become my mobile internet device, digital camera and MP3 player. Now it seems destined to take over the role of my purse too. There are some fantastic things going on in the mPayments space with a variety of business models; whether it is paying for items via airtime bills, PayPal type initiatives or taking money directly from my bank account … personally I am all for it.

The uptake of Oyster cards in the UK has shown that we are safe with the concept of Near Field Communications (NFC) and there are some exciting developments in this space. I think that this could be a good place for mobile phones to start: taking incremental steps towards the ultimate aim of high value purchases or providing an alternative to our banks. The success of the Oyster card provides a valuable case study for mobile phone operators and handset manufacturers, small purchases for e.g. travel is definitely a great way for us to get used to buying goods with our mobiles. Android has just announced that its multiple NFC-enabled phones will arrive in later 2010 and Apple just piping Google to the post with its latest patent around event tickets. So it looks like the two big guns have drawn and I would expect others handset manufactures to follow suit soon.

Last Monday, Mobile Monday London hosted its event delving into the world of mPayments: the myths and realities. This is by no means a new concept and one that we have been speaking about with much bated breath for some time now. However, instead of a flourishing industry and blossoming prospects we had expected, mPayments seems to still be battling to come to fruition.

The BBC’s personal finance reporter, Kevin Peachy, reported last week that it may be the mobile phone that could ‘signal the future’ for mPayments. In support of this, Juniper Research last week predicted that nearly half of all mobile phone users worldwide will be making mobile payments by 2014, a bold statement indeed and one that mirrors similar predictions in the past.

But why has the technology not taken off yet? Could it be slow operator uptake or a lack of consumer demand … has the recent banking debacle shaken us up to the point of no trust for new banking technologies? There were so many questions to ask and #MoMoLo brought together the experts to discuss and debate as to where we are now, why we are there and what’s next.

The first to take the stage was Neil Daly from our fabulous hosts, the GSMA. Mobile banking in the developing markets has always been heralded as a key place for the development and adoption of mPayments. There is a huge customer education challenge in this area as users do not see the benefit of mPayments. Neil stated the key drivers to getting mPayments off the ground are scale, sophistication and speed. Neil made the point that there is money to be made from mPayments and went on to describe the below five major initiatives:

  • Mobile money for the unbanked (MMU) - 78 live deployments and 85 planned globally by 2012, the MMU will have made mobile money services available to 20 million new unbanked customers and boasts 19 operators deployments, with more to be announced soon
  • Mobile money transfer (MMT) - global remittance flows are very significant to MMT, especially in non development markets; remittance typically costs 10-24% of remittance amount. The most popular way to transfer money currently is using a coke bottle with the money wrapped around, which highlights the need for more regulation
  • Pay-buy-mobile (BBM) - The GSMA has seen a huge increase in number of operators interested in NFC, with 53 MNOs participating in the BBM project and trials in 11 countries from Australia to the US, generating interesting data to help operators develop

The case study – M-PESA

Next to the stage was Paul Makin, of Consult Hyperion, who is spearheading the M-PESA initiative with Vodafone. M-PESA is a money transfer service in Kenya and works with agents like MNO Safaricom in the region to set up shops to provide the service locally.

Key M-PESA stats include:

  • Around 10m customers … 40% of Kenyan adults and 57% of Safaricom customer base
  • USD 300m per month of P2P transfers
  • USD 650m per month in cash deposits and withdrawals
  • USD 7m per month in revenue
  • 27 companies currently use it for wage payments

What lessons can we learn in the UK?

  • Lesson one – get it out there – find a transport mechanism and let it evolve as you go
  • Lesson two – find a corporate interface – salaries, social payments, payments, collections etc
  • Lesson three – build good bridges - ATMs, post office, corner shops
  • Lesson four – use good security that is SIM based
  • Lesson five: Beware of the tariff – tariff structures encourage behaviours and bad tariff limits how you can evolve your business …

The Panel Session – David Birch (Consult Hyperion), Chris Thomason (Seren), Ben Whitaker (Masabi), John Lunn (PayPal) and Andrew Henderson (UK Mobile contactless forum)


  1. Michael Hobbs – does the panel think that in 3-4 years from now mobile operators will continue to feature in mPayments and if so how much?
    1. Ben – if you want to launch the product today the operator can take too long, but they have the clout to reach the customers. Perhaps I would see them take a more of a marketing channel
    2. Andrew – I think that some become bit pipes and the UK MNO market will shrink. I can see them working in the transport market, selling tickets. I think that we will be seeing more in mPayments from MNOs as they look to differentiate themselves
    3. John – we need to have the same payment system for all mPayments and although the mobile phone is great device for NFC but we can use anything we take with us
    4. Chris – with mobile banking either the banks will become telecoms companies or the operators become the banks
  2. Andrew Hardy – what do you envisage the key regulatory obstacles globally?
    1. Andrew – there is a gray area across EU and UK, we would like to see closer cooperation with the regulators to allow the market to flourish
    2. David – we learnt a key lesson from the O2 Barclays and TFL trial, make sure customers know who to call … O2, Barclays or TFL?
    3. John – at PayPal our idea was to let everyone in and then get out the bad guys afterwards. No one knows where the crime will come from and rather then waste time in an over engineered security system, better to create a good user experience
  3. Mark Davis – Virtual currency and convertible cash, do you think we will see mobile payments like this?
    1. Chris – there is no reason why we can’t change our currency
    2. Ben – mobile very accessible and as such anyone can be merchant
    3. Chris – is PayPal not virtual currency?
    4. John – PayPal can use any currency
    5. John – there are a lot of clever criminals out there so need to be cautious and maintain an interface with the real world
  4. Chris Dadd, RBS (O2 Money) – interesting talking about the operators vs. banks debate ... we have seen the failed m-pay and Payforit initiatives, now operators are looking at single click for direct payments from their airtime bill. Bit isn’t this like PayPal’s one click offering?
    1. Ben – commission costs were far too high and operators need to be more comparable to credit cards
    2. John – we are working with mobile phone companies to help them allow their customers to pay for things via their bill and PayPal. There are some EU limitations and costing issues, we need to be competitive with credit card rates, which are currently very low
  5. David Stone –do you think people will eventually start paying for higher value products through mPayments?
    1. Chris – down to the power of brands
    2. Andrew – there is a real fear that consumers will suffer from bill shock
    3. John – cloud payments will jump to the same as online, micro-payments will start at the lower end as everyone scared of bill shock. It is down to the retailer to find a way for you to buy on your mobile phone

MoMoLo regular, Simon Judge, also did a comprehensive write-up of the event which you can read here. Thanks Simon!

Thank you to our sponsors this month, GSMA and a special thank you to Galit Zadok for putting the programme together this month.

Lauren McGregor does Tech PR for Hotwire PR. She’s also events meister for @UKJTPR. She’s a self-confessed geek, sometime scientist & animal lover. You can follow her on twitter @laurenmcgregor

18 Apr 2010

Stranded because of the volcano? Then help is at hand from the Mobile Monday community

No, we can’t work magic and get you home. But we have had lots of offers of help, support, hotdesking, accommodation and networking for our members from our Mobile Monday friends around the globe. So if you are stuck somewhere, work in the mobile sector in some way, do have a look to see if there is a Mobile Monday chapter in the area and get in touch with them. Most of them are listed on the global Mobile Monday site, but some newer ones may not have made it up there yet, so do make full use of Google, Twitter, Facebook etc to find your local chapter. I’ve listed below the chapters who have specifically offered help, but even if the chapter local to you isn’t listed, don’t let that put you off contacting the local organisers.

And if you’re nervous about approaching someone, please be reassured that I haven’t met a Mobile Monday organiser yet who hasn’t been open and friendly – and I’ve met a fair few over the last couple of years. So since this is a global network, let’s make use of that fact in these very unusual circumstances. And as it’s Monday tomorrow, you may even find there’s MoMo event happening near you too.

And we’ve already managed to help one of our members connect with people in Shanghai. So it works!

I’m currently collating the specific offers of help from around the world and can confirm the following:

Mobile Monday New York – get in touch with David Harper. He can offer desk space and other support.

Stuck in Washington DC? Then our friends at Mobile Monday Washington can get you a free trial of Myra Fitzwater's famous TEQCorner "day office" on Tyson's Corner, VA (just steps away from DC's subway's FUTURE Silver/Dulles line). Simply contact Myra by email or phone to organise.

For other help and support via Mobile Monday Washington DC, please contact Mark Chernisky by email.

Mobile Monday Buenos Aires – get in touch via email for help, contacts & support.

Mobile Monday Shanghai – get in touch with Ranjit Singh who will be happy to introduce you to like-minded people and help out where he can. Lucy Lee from Shanghai has also offered her support.

Mobile Monday Austin, Texas is organised by C Enrique Ortiz and he is the man to get in touch with for help and support in Austin.

And if you're stuck in Philadelphia and the mid-Atlantic region, why not take up Mobile Monday Mid-Atalantic founder JP Finnell's offer to find out why Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love! You can get him on email or phone.

Mobile Monday Chicago has an event tonight (i.e. 19th April 2010) which is free to attend. If you're stuck in Chicago, you could do worse than hang out there this evening. They're going to be talking about the iPad. RSVP required.

Mobile Monday Germany: If you’re stranded in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin & Munich then get in touch via email in the first instance – they can help with office space, advice and support: http://ning.it/529oT3. For specific help in Hamburg, then Axel Hoehnke is your man. Contact him by email or phone.

Mobile Monday London – that’s us! If you’re stranded here, please contact Helen Keegan (that’s me in case you were wondering!) and I’ll do my best to help you. You can also tweet us or join our email group and email the group with specific requests for contacts or help.

If you need space to work in London while you're stranded, then The Tuttle Club at the Centre for Creative Collaboration is opening up its doors to people this week. It's not a formal office space, but it's friendly, has good wifi and is pretty central near King's Cross. You'll also find some good conversation there with Lloyd Davis amongst others. You can't just turn up though, please let them know you're coming first by signing up on their wiki page. You can find more details here.

Other UK help – since our network is UK-wide and we’ve already had an offer of support of both accommodation and office space in the Bath area from Mobile Monday London regular, Chris Book. And an offer of food and accommodation and a pick-up from Gatwick Airport if needed from Victoria Richardson.

Mobile Monday Russia is based in St Petersburg – Michael Novikov is your man for help, advice and support.

Mobile Monday Malta – For anyone stranded in Malta, then Clyde Piccinino is your first port of call.

We’ve had a couple of offers of help by the very friendly Mobile Monday India crew. Wherever you’re stuck in India, it’s probably worth getting in touch with Suresh T Kumar. He has said the team can help organise food, somewhere to stay, office space or other requirements. Which is fantastic. You can also call Suresh. Or if you’re in Bangalore, then Kesava Reddy from Mobile Monday Bangalore is at your service. If it's Delhi where you're stuck, then VeerChand Bothra or Prashant Singh are very happy to help and host any or our community who are stranded. Call or email Veerchand; Call or email Prashant.

Aage Reerslev who organises Mobile Monday Stockholm (part of Mobile Monday Sweden ) was due to be in London this week and is now stuck at home in Sweden. So if you need anything if you’re there, just get in touch with him by email or phone.

Natali Yesilbahar from Mobile Monday Istanbul has offered similar support.

Shane Williamson from Mobile Monday Sydney is your man if you're stranded Down Under. You'll also find him on twitter at http://twitter.com/shanewilliamson

Stuck in Indonesia? Then Andy Zain from Mobile Monday Indonesia is there to help. He's based in Jakarta so if you're in or around Jakarta stranded on mobile business, you can also get in touch by phone.

Travelling through Europe and stuck in Zurich? Then get in touch with Matthias Sala who runs Mobile Monday Zurich by phone or email.

You can get help and support from Mobile Monday Sofia in Bulgaria from Spartak Kabakchiev (what a great sounding name!) by email or phone.

Even though Mobile Monday Brussels organiser, Tanguy De Lestre is currently stranded in France himself, he expects to be back in Brussels by train on Monday morning. To get in touch for help in and around Brussels, please email Tanguy here. Update: Tanguy is still stranded in France due to the train strike but can put you in touch with people in Brussels if you need help.

Rudy De Waele from Mobile Monday Barcelona has office space available to share if you're stranded there and they're happy to help you if they can. Rudy's also on twitter http://twitter.com/mtrends

Mobile Monday Helsinki is there for you if that's where you're stuck. Mobile Monday's founder, Jari Tammisto has offered support to folks stranded in Helsinki. You can get him by phone or email. He should have been at the opening of Mobile Monday Islamabad today but has been grounded himself. Also, there's a very kind offer of office space and accommodation from Peter Vesterbacka.

For help and support in Italy, then get in touch with Jaana Heikkila who runs Mobile Monday Milan.

Stuck in the Netherlands? Then please contact Sam Warnaars from Mobile Monday Amsterdam.

Mobile Monday Oslo is there for you if Oslo is where you're stranded. Call or email Shaun Thanki if you need anything.

For those who are stranded, I hope you get home safely very soon. And a big thank you to the community for their offers of help. I’ll keep adding to this as I get new information, offers and requests.

Oh, and if you’re on twitter, the hashtags to follow for volcano and transport information are #ashtag and #getmehome.

7 Apr 2010

mPayments – myths and reality – Monday 19th April 2010

mPayments is a topic that has had more false dawns than the dark side of the moon. There is no doubt that mobile technology promises to deliver both an appealing merchant and consumer experience, yet in the past, we've seen many mPayment companies and initiatives fall by the wayside as the promise and the reality have been light years apart.

We are hearing that things really are happening outside of the developing world and that players other than mobile operators are making good progress - so we thought it was time to look again at this area and answer some of these questions:

What is the future for mPayments outside the developing world? When will Mobile Contactless / NFC actually happen? Who is likely to make money in this sector above and beyond the network operator? Kindly hosted by the GSMA, who will give us an overview of mPayment initiatives today, we'll also be hearing a review of MPESA from Paul Makin of Consult Hyperion. Our panel session will be chaired by David Birch and confirmed panellists for the evening are Thierry Chopard of PayPal, Chris Thomason of Seren and Ben Whitaker from Masabi, who will provide interesting and varied perspectives on the topic. Further speakers tbc.

The GSMA is supporting this event and have a particular interest in Mobile Money.

The venue is the GSMA – the London headquarters of the GSM Association (they’re the folks behind Mobile World Congress amongst other things). You’ll find it at 5 New Street Square, New Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 3BF. Nearest Underground stations are Chancery Lane or Farringdon. It’s also within walking distance of City Thameslink overground station.

The date for your diary is Monday 19th April 2010.

Special thanks to Galit Zadok for helping us put the programme together and to Simon Rockman from the GSMA for his support.

Registration is open now over at http://momolo.org so please make sure you RSVP in good time please.

See you there!

The Meffy’s are open for Entries


So it’s that time of year again and I’m personally delighted to be part of this for the second year in a row. This means I get to judge the mobile marketing related entries which is always lots of fun and absolutely fascinating. An honour and a privilege no less.

So what’s this all about then? Well The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), the global trade association of the mobile media industry, is running its 7th Mobile Entertainment Awards, known as the ‘Meffys’. And they are now open for entries until 16th 23rd April. The Meffys span the entire mobile entertainment & media industry, from apps to social media so there should be a category for everyone.

Companies wishing to enter should visit: http://www.meffys.com/ and submit their entries by 16th 23rd April 2010.

Now I know folks will be wondering if it’s worth entering, and I’d have to say I think it is which is why I personally support it and why Mobile Monday London supports it too. These are world class awards and genuinely do attract entries from across the globe. Which also means that the winners and runners-up are on a global stage with the appropriate reach – not just to the MEF membership (which is not insignificant) but also the associated media partners. Of course, not everyone will win. And yes, there is an entry fee. But it’s not unreasonably priced at £300 for non-members and £100 for members.

Further details below. And if you do enter, good luck!

For highlights from the 2009 awards ceremony and a list of 2009 winners, please visit http://www.meffys.com/about/2009-highlights

This year’s new Meffys categories include Content Discovery & Personalisation, Cross-Platform, App Store Blockbuster, M-Commerce and Mobile Connected Device. These new categories not only reflect the growth in the number of apps and apps stores, such as the App Store Blockbuster Award that will recognise the best app on an individual app store, but also reflect current and future trends. Two such awards are the M-Commerce award and the Cross-Platform award, which reflect the 2010 trends identified by MEF at the beginning of the year.

In addition, the MEF board will once again present the Outstanding Contribution Award to a talented individual whose work has had a critical impact on the growth of the mobile entertainment industry.

Entering the Meffys 2010

MEF will be accepting entries for the 2010 Meffys awards from today. Companies interested in entering the awards or nominating a candidate for the Outstanding Contribution Award should go to the new Meffys website at http://www.meffys.com/ for full details. Entry costs have been frozen from last year and are as follows: £100 per entry for MEF members and £300 for non-members.

Meffys 2010 Categories:

Games Award
Music Service Award
TV & Video Service Award
Video Content Award

Content Discovery & Personalization Award
Cross-Platform Award

Social Media Award

Ad Campaign Award

App Store Blockbuster Award

Innovative App Award

Consumer Experience Award

Technology Innovation Award
Innovative Business Model Award
Mobile First Innovation Award

M-Commerce Award

Business Intelligence Award

Mobile Connected Device Award

Outstanding Contribution Award