24 Jan 2008

Mobile Operating Systems - 4th Feb

Hosted by Symbian, our first MoMo for 2008 will be on Mobile Operating Systems and will be on Monday 4th Feb at our favourite location, the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point.

At risk of being howled from the room for using vacuous clich├ęs - is this a tipping point for mobile operating systems? There is a lot happening in this space at the moment, as David Wood says "Suddenly the Smartphone has become Sexy". But isn't this just the time at which details of the underlying operating systems are becoming less important to developers, since Web browsers increasingly support Web applications, or so says my colleague Dan "Ajax" Appelquist

Helping us understand the landscape, where things are going and how to make sense of it all will be speakers from Symbian, Trolltech, Vodafone and MMetrics.

As usual the presentations will be followed by a lively panel debate (well that depends on you, the audience, of course) followed by networking and conversation afterwards.

Registration will open on Monday 28th Jan at 2.00 pm. Details will be announced on the list when the registration opens. The event will start at 6.30 pm sharp.

We are very grateful to Symbian for supporting this event - see you there!


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