24 Jan 2011

Digital Youth Project Insights. 27 January, Webinar.

MobileMonday London's very own Julia Shalet, Product Doctor, will be presenting a joint MoMo/DCKTN Webinar 10.30 to 11.30 on Thursday 27th Jan 2010. Julia's insights into the youth market are fascinating for anyone who has an interest in this segment, and unmissable for anyone whose products target it.

Using case studies from virtual world to mobile to community projects with a social media twist, this presentation will cover:

  • Key insights from the youth market on digital products across a broad range of areas
  • Adult mis-perceptions of young people
  • How engaging end users early and often will bring you commercial benefit
  • How to create learning experiences for young people that you involve


Julia has posted her slides with a link to her voice over on her blog.