6 May 2011

The Internet of Things and other M2M Stories

MobileMonday London brings you M2M, The Internet of Things and more, on the evening of 16th May.

You may or may not know much about this area, but with the kinds of numbers that are being spoken about - like 50 billion connected devices by 2020 - this looks like it really is "The Next Big Thing". We'll take a look at the vision of what's coming, discuss the practicalities of how this is going to be implemented, what this means for consumers and what the opportunities are for developers and entrepreneurs, including new business models. It's a big topic but we have a great panel to help us understand it, so it will have interest for those who are expert in this area and also to those for whom it's new.

Camille Mendler of Informa specialises in this area, as well as Cloud Computing and other Next Big Things, and she's kindly agreed to moderate the panel.

David Wood is Embedded Device Technology Lead at Accenture. David's an old friend of MoMo from when he was at Symbian. He's particularly interested in using smartphone technology beyond smartphones.

Dan Warren is Director of Technology at GSMA. You should check out their recent Smart Cities report.

Tor Björn Minde tweets as @EricssonLabs, and you may very well be one of his numerous followers. When he's not Tweeting, Tor Björn is R&D Manager there, and promises to bring some interesting demos with him. I'm wondering if he will bring a Facebook Connected Vacuum Cleaner.

William Webb is CTO at Neul. Neul has been in the headlines recently for proposing a non GSM based approach to M2M using TV "white space spectrum". They call the idea "The Internet of Everything". Which I suppose would be the Biggest Possible Thing ...

As usual, the event will be held at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point, right above Tottenham Court Road Tube station. Doors open at 6.00 for a 6.30 start, followed by drinks and networking from 8.00 to 9.30. Remember that the Northern Line is not stopping at Tottenham Court Road Station - use Leicester Square or Goodge St if you are coming that way. Service as normal(*) on the Central Line.

Many thanks to our sponsor for the evening, ICTKTN

Registration is required, at http://momolo.org/event.jsp?eventid=111 - look forward to seeing you there.


(*) A tube strike has been announced for that evening, we hoping that will be averted and are planning to "Keep Calm and Carry On". We'll post updates on Twitter, Facebook and email if things change.