1 Sept 2010

Vodafone Mobile Clicks – 2nd round nominees announced

Well, it has been exciting this year. With over 50 entries for the UK this year, and the standard even better than last year (and last year was good), it was a tough gig to get to the final five from the UK. But somehow we did it.

The UK judges for this round included myself, Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian and a group of representatives from Vodafone’s developer marketing team. A special thank you goes to Mike Butcher and Elizabeth Varley from Techhub who looked after us so well this week for the final judging session. May I recommend the pizzas they order in for things like this. Ab-so-lute-ly delicious!

Anyway, I digress.

The jury selected the very best entries based on the 5 criteria mentioned below:

- Originality, creativity and innovation
- Technical and operational ability
- Economic and financial viability (i.e. the business case)
- Use case and end-user value
- The quality of the members of the (management) team (e.g. their experience, knowledge, skills, relationships)

And the UK nominees are (in alphabetical order)

Hurrah! Well done to everyone and we really do wish all our UK nominees the best of luck. I’m glad I don’t have to choose who goes through to the final at Picnic – it’s a really tough choice.

And for the other countries…. there’s some stiff competition here by the way, they are:


The Netherlands:


Many thanks to all participating startups for their time and effort to enter. It’s really exciting to see these companies and ideas unfold.

More details about this announcement can be seen here.

Oh, and if you’re interested to know who’s been judging all the entries, then here’s a list of the judges for you:

For Spain:

- Belen Aparicio - Marketing Specialist (Vodafone ES)
- Carles Ferreiro - Co-founder MoMo Barcelona & Madrid
- Albert Cuesta - Technology Columnist at CanalPDA

For the Netherlands:

- Jochem Heerkens - Head of Postpaid Terminals Marketing (Vodafone NL)
- Marc Fonteijn - Chairman MoMo Amsterdam
- Peter Robinett - Owner of Mobile DevCamp website/database

    For Portugal:

    - Nuno Inácio - Product Manager (Vodafone PT)
    - Vitor Domingos - Founder Mobile Monday Portugal
    - Luís Silva - CEO Wit Software

      For the United Kingdom:

      - Mike Eaton - Head of Content (Vodafone UK)
      - Helen Keegan - Co-organizer Mobile Monday London
      - Rafe Blandford - Blogger allaboutsymbian.com

        Global jury members:

        - Rudy de Waele - Founder Mobile 2.0 Europe
        - Yuri van Geest - Co-organizer Vodafone Mobile Clicks