6 Jul 2010

19th July: 200,000 apps, where’s mine?

blackberry-logo-blackWell that’s a good question indeed for anyone who has an app out there or wants to get a mobile application out there. Simply putting your application in any number of app stores isn’t enough when there are 199,999 others in there competing for attention. You’re in danger of just getting lost in the crowd. So what is the role of marketing in getting a successful application out there? How important is brand building and trust? How does a customer find out about your app and get it, whether it’s paid for or free? Is this now a marketing game rather than a distribution game? And what do developers need to know about branding, marketing and PR to create a successful marketing campaign for their mobile application or service? Does marketing need to be higher up the agenda than it was? What do we need to know about customers to make this happen?

Well that’s what our next panel session is about on 19 July 2010. Proudly sponsored by the lovely folks at BlackBerry, we’ve put together a great panel for you and expect a lively discussion as well to thrash out the marketing issues to get your on customers handsets beyond simply getting your app up in the iPhone App Store. This is not a discussion about platforms or App Stores. It’s a discussion about marketing, secrets for success, how to avoid failures and things to think about when marketing your mobile application or service.

We’re at the CBI at Centrepoint this month (nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road, please use the entrance at street level) and doors will open at 6pm for a prompt 6.30pm start. We’ll announce panellists as soon as we have them confirmed. Or we might just keep it a surprise! Rest assured, it’ll be a good session. The panel session will run until 8pm and then we’ll have an hour or two for networking and drinks courtesy of our friends at BlackBerry.

Panellists include Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations, from BlackBerry, Chris Bourke, MD of Mobext and a long-serving mobilist, and Eli Camilleri, Associate at Vision Mobile (she'll be sharing lots of insight and examples garnered while researching their latest report: Mobile Developer Economics 2010). The panel will be chaired by Ben Scott Robinson, creative director at We Love Mobile. More tbc... watch this space!

Registration is open over at http://momolo.org/ but there are only a few places left, so please reserve your spot before registration closes.

Please note that the event will be oversubscribed. Due to the number of no-shows every month, we over-subscribe by a certain percentage to ensure we get a full room. This means we cannot guarantee you entry or a seat - especially to late-comers. We reserve the right to turn people away on the *rare* occasion that we are full. In the highly unlikely event that we are that full and we are unable to accommodate you in the main room, you will be welcome to stay in the venue in the networking area and to join the networking drinks afterwards. So far, this has only happened once in the almost-five years we've been operating. And that was when we had a smaller venue.

Photo credit Ian Freimuth via Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.