9 Jun 2009

Demo Night - June 15th at IPC Media

This Monday sees the return of Demo Night to Mobile Monday London. We are delighted to announce IPC Media are the sponsors and venue hosts for the evening. The format is going to be a little different than usual as we wont all be sharing the same space, we will have a number of rooms where the demoers will rotate around ... will we confirm all of this later in the week.

As always, doors open at 6pm with a 6:30pm start. We are currently finalising the list of demos for the lineup, huge thanks to everyone for putting themselves forward for this event.

Registration is now open at www.momolo.org ... if you haven't already registered on the new site, you will need to do so first and then click on the register button on the event. If you have already signed up, login and click on the register button. If you are unable to attend the event, please go back to the site and unregister yourself and places will be made available for other people.

We will update this information when the demo lineup and sponsors have been fully confirmed.