21 Sept 2014

What happened at Demo Night, 16th September 2014

First off, thanks to our event partner Informa for hosting us, all our volunteers, to Miamii Mansour of Hai Media Group for the below post, to our demoers and of course to our audience for their encouragement and feedback.

We also want to thank Michał Kubacki, inventor of 5-TILES keyboard for touch screens and wearable devices. He returned as a former demoer to give us an update.

Michał Kubacki, pictured here with James Rosewell, another former demoer who is doing great things with 51Degrees
“…the Mobile Monday audience has incredible amount of knowledge and expertise in the mobile industry. We received feedback about the product as well as our business model. Shortly after our demo we managed to find our first investor, a mobile industry legend - Christian Lindholm. We will be presenting the new version of our product at the end of this week – based on the feedback that we received here after our demo. Mobile Monday London, its organisers as well as the audience, have played an important part in our journey …” Michał Kubacki

10 Startups Demo Innovative Approaches to Mobile Life: Mobile Monday London Demo Night, September 2014

Ten hot ticket startups took to the stage to show us what they are made of at Mobile Monday London’s Demo Night (16 September) during Informa’s 10th Annual Service Delivery Innovation Summit at Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch. Greeted by an enthusiastic audience, they showed clever innovations for our mobile lives.

There were some great case studies on service innovations, operators and carriers.” Richard Behrendt

Karel Bourgois said: “I’ve come all the way from Paris, I go to Mobile Monday in France, and have also attended San Francisco. I like the structure of this London Mobile Monday event – it's very well organised and I have discovered lots of innovative startups. I enjoyed the audience participation.” 

Daniel Balfour of Mobivate (previously worked for Virgin Mobile) said: “This is my first time in London - I have been to Mobile Monday in Sydney and really liked how there was a good amount of time for networking tonight”

Dippen Lad of Sky said: “I used to work for a WiFi start-up called The Cloud, and I’m a regular at Mobile Monday – I attend these events so that I can get ideas and understand what’s happening in the startup world. My favourite tonight has to be Pronto, I can see it taking off.”

A shout out to the demoers:

Good Food Talks
Matt gets feedback over a nice glass of red! 
Matt Wadsworth represented Good Food Talks - this startup prides itself on the fact that it has developed a Web app that’s “the smart way to read a menu”. Designed for blind or visually impaired people, Good Food Talks allows restaurants to use the service so their menus can be accessed using the device's assistive technology. The app is available for download for all iOS & Android devices.

Once you realise what Swytch does, you’ll know why the audience loved this startup, represented by CEO Chris Michael. Swytch addresses a big pain point for consumers by enabling you to manage multiple numbers from one device. Step in Swytch to change your life, as you won’t need to stuff your pockets with mobile phones anymore!

Ian Masters & Albert Marshall showed us their app for quiz lovers. QuizTix is a group of original, fun and accessible quiz games that offer a familiar and friendly entertainment experience.

Martin Sandstrom & Mark Lee showed us how the App helps you to manage all your bills and expenses in your houseshare, splitting everything and showing what you owe each other.

Benjamin Bourdin of Grabyo demonstrated their real time video platform that offers broadcasters the opportunity to share video clips from live broadcast TV and video feeds across Twitter, Facebook, the web and mobile. They already have some very large clients under their belt.

Douglas Robb showed us his cloud based augmented reality platform where, with no programming skills, you can publish your own custom apps, converting your location-based data into AR-ready content, adding your own styling and extra widgets as you go.

James Roy Poulter whet our appetite with his foodie App. Pronto allows users to order & track their meals 24/7. All it takes is 3 little taps from a smart device, and BOOM, your food is ordered!

Frederick Tubiermont demoed how easy Adsy (a mobile web app that lets you create mobile web apps) was to create a mobile web app using tonight’s Mobile Monday event as the subject matter. He showed how to add maps, links, visuals and more using his simple user interface.

Matthew Bridge demonstrated how wearable technology, such as the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch - can improve workforce efficiencies through the delivery of business critical information.  Using Samsung’s API’s for notification alerts, they had connected components of their Enterprise System – allowing alerts to be sent out when events changed or statuses updated.

Matthew told us that the feedback he received was very positive reinforcing their belief that in today’s environment emails are no longer really used for their intended purpose, such as important information delivery – and an alternative approach is required. He also told us that the audience Q&A provided an excellent forum for discussion and constructive critiquing.

Mark Hill and Damon Hart-Davis represented OpenTRV – a smart radiator device that takes full control of the household boiler and its sensors. They even brought along bits of radiator to help tell the story!

Look out for some pretty exciting news about our next event at Apps World, 12 Nov... and remember that The Mobile Academy starts Tuesday 30th Sept - we have just secured some last minute bursaries for noble causes, so if you are interested email julia@mobilemonday.org.uk.