7 May 2014

Mobile Miscellany, 7 May 2014, Next Event is Monday! £2.75M available for "feasibility studies" and more ...

Hi everyone, a short Miscellany today - but height doesn’t matter.

Next Event on Monday

First, a reminder that Google Cloud Platform are hosting us for our Cloud and Mobile Event on Monday 12th. We have some seats left but register soon if you want to come to the Google offices at Central St Giles, just around the corner from our old haunt at Centre Point - panel followed by drinks and buffet ...

Vision Mobile 7th Developer Economics Survey

Can I please urge you to spend a small amount of time filling in the Developer Economics survey - deadline is Friday (9th) - this is an incredibly useful resource and the MoMoLo community is currently under-represented in the respondents (tut-tut!)- use this link, go on!

DevLab Live at Level 39

1 day conference and 2 day hackathon at Level 39 - Learn how to connect with top brands and find out what the hottest opportunities are right now in wearable technology, IoT, Music and Virtual Currencies. 50% off here.

Join Friday's open Q&A with Tech City UK's CEO Gerard Grech who'll be interviewed by John Spindler from Capital Enterprise. Get your free ticket here.

92% of UK adults use a mobile ...

... 62% use a smartphone, 59% go online with it. Both figures the same for male/female. A veritable treasure trove of stats from Ofcom - many thanks to Mike Short for the heads up.

TSB Offers £2.75M for Collaborative Feasibility Studies

This opened yesterday with a deadline of 18th June - there's a briefing event on Monday morning. Find out more here.

Hope to see you on Monday