28 Jan 2014

What happened on 23rd Jan 2014 - CeBIT Competition

Here is what happened at our high energy 23rd Jan event where we partnered with ICT KTN and UKTI to run the competition for a stand at CeBIT. Thanks as always to our wonderful volunteers and to Stefan Stefansson for taking the photos you can see below.

All 11 companies spent 3 minutes pitching followed by 4 minutes of questions from judges and audience. The audience then piled out for a lovely buffet and a few drinks while the judges returned their verdict - which they took all of their allotted 45 minutes to reach - must have been some tough choices to make. Many thanks to the audience for helping with the decision making through completion of the questionnaire - we can reveal that the judges found this very useful.

The most frequently asked judges' questions were "Who do you want to meet there?" and "What are you going to show?" - top tip for future competition entrants.

All in all a very strong field indeed. Many congratulations to the winners.

What follows is a short summary of each of the contenders ... there were some highly entertaining performances from the presenters. Among other things, we're thinking "cool" and "awesome" here, and if you were there you'll know specifically what we mean!

James & Joe of 51 Degrees accept their prize from Philip Hargrave,  ICT KTN

51degrees - WINNER
These guys are all about optimising every aspect of the mobile web experience, providing fast, reliable and easy-to-use web pages, increasing conversation rates, online revenue and engagement.

Alpha Fox Systems
Crystal Key is a non-clonable, unique physical optical ‘personal identification tag’ for mobile commerce personal authentication. The mobile phone application asks the consumer to hold the Crystal Key up to the phone camera which authenticates through image verification.

DigitalMR is a market research company that helps organisations make informed marketing decisions using its social media listening and private online communities proprietary tools. They also help organisations effectively drive customer advocacy through online brand ambassador programmes.

Matt Dobson of EI Technologies shows his wares pre-pitch
eitechnologies - WINNER
It's all about voice analysis technologies that recognise and respond to the emotions of customers. Optimised for mobile applications, their tools provide realtime analysis and feedback allowing dynamic tailoring of the customer's interaction to improve the satisfaction with their experience.

Infinite Precision - WINNER
Precision Genie offers enterprise resilience to the changing landscape of the cybercloud. It automatically derives a capability overview of the business from the enterprise operational data and with a predictive threat capability, it can provide early threat warning not just to cyber infrastructure but to the business allowing time for reconfiguration to protect the enterprise.

Ash Hegab, Playir, entertains the audience
An Online Game Editor that allows for the creation of 3D multiplayer games on mobile devices of all Operating Systems. Any games made using their system are cross-platform play, meaning, users of different operating systems can play the same game (with or against each other) http://youtu.be/mxu8tfavU4A

SharpCloud is visual BI and communication for enterprise business. They claim that "...you'll spend less time on email, PowerPoint and spreadsheets and more team-collaboration on decisions relating to: Strategy Road mapping Workshops, Project Portfolios, Communication and Executive Stakeholder Dashboards.."

A technology-enabler and data analytics company using mobile proximity technologies to make physical marketing interactive. Their cloud-based analytics platform provides insightful data on consumer interest and behaviour in the physical world.

It's all hands with 5 Tiles as they also accept their prize
The 5-TILES keyboard has been designed specifically for touchscreen devices, smart watches, wearable computers, and the Internet of Things. Taking up 70% less of the screen than QWERTY keyboards, 5-TILES is super compact, comfortably sized for all fingers, and extremely fast.

Skin Analytics - WINNER
Melanoma incidence has doubled in last decade around the world and while 95% of cases are survivable if caught early, this drops to 10% as the cancer spreads. Skin Analytics offer an online subscription service that enables people to regularly photograph their moles with their smartphone making it easy to determine if a change has occurred.

Uci2i Ltd
A Global Cloud Video Conferencing Managed Services Provider, enabling face to face conversation, with anyone in the world on any device and network.

Here is a round up of the announcements:

The Mobile Academy Spring 2014 – 25th March to 27th May

API Architecture Summit (Free!) – Feb 6th
Start-ups with something to show off at Mobile World Congress…
  • 20 developers per day to show off their apps, services or tools at the WIPJam Developer Showcase. 
  • Apply by midday 7th Feb - wip.org