16 Jan 2014

Mobile Miscellany, 16 Jan 2014, CeBIT Stand Competition Final, The Mobile Academy 4, TSB BYOD Scoping Workshop

Happy New Year from MoMoLo Towers! In this Miscellany: On 23 Jan come and support your choice of finalist for the UKTI stand at CeBIT 2014, The Mobile Academy starts again on 25th March and have a say as to the TSB’s intended BYOD funding.

Next Event: CeBIT Stand Competition Final Thursday 23 Jan

Similar in intention and in format to the MWC Stand Competition final back in November we are working with UKTI and ICT KTN to bring you the finals of the stand competition for CeBIT in Hannover in March. More details here and registration is open here - and yes, to confirm, it's on an off-brand Thursday.

The Mobile Academy Spring 2014 – 25th March to 27th May

The Mobile Academy, which we co-host with UCL, will start again on 25th March. Developing on the success of the previous three programmes this is a 10 week evening class on the theme of “Need to Know Mobile”. 

The course features talks, workshops & surgeries with industry experts in business, design & how to work with technology on Tues & Thurs evenings The course will be based at Idea London - a short walk from Silicon Roundabout, Liverpool Street and Shoreditch. 

More details at themobileacademy.org.uk. We have 20% early bird discounts until 1st Feb, book here.

BYOD R&D Funding Scoping Workshop Tuesday 21 Jan

We held an event last April (BYOD - A Faustian Pact) on the pros and cons of the growing trend of “Bring Your Own Device” - The Technology Strategy Board is considering funding some R&D in this area and is inviting participation in a scoping exercise. 

Interesting to think that the TSB intends to fund R&D around Mephistopheles, however, more to the point, here’s what they say: "The Technology Strategy Board intends to issue a call for R&D funding in the Spring of 2014 to support safe, secure and resilient remote working, mobile connectivity and BYOD ... The workshop will identify key themes in the morning, then break these down further for inclusion in the scope in the afternoon. Refreshments and lunch will be provided." 

Note that this is a scoping exercise and if you feel you’d like to contribute to what shape such funding might take then why not pop along. There’s limited space, register here.


That’s all for now … in answer to the question: “Will you have any MWC tickets to give away this year?”, the answer is sadly: “No, not yet, but if anyone has some that they’d like us to help to distribute in return for massive brand exposure and significant community love …”