31 Oct 2013

Mobile Miscellany, 31 October 2013, Next Event Monday 4th Nov, plus win an iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4 or Lumia 925 ...

In this Miscellany ... the hurricane of mobile conferences that was the week of Apps World, Droidcon and others has abated and we are now in the relative calm of the lead up to our 4th November Final of competition for free spaces on the UKTI stand at MWC 2014, organised with our event partners ICT KTN. Plus, don't miss the opportunity to participate in Developer Economics 2014, details below - with the opportunity to win an iPhone 5c, Samsung S4 or Lumia 925 ...

Apps World

We waved the Mobile Monday London flag at Apps World with excellent sessions from Bruce Lawson on HTML5 and Tim Green with an encyclopaedic tour of what's up in Mobile Money. Bruce managed to avoid saying the word that 'App' rhymes with, while still being fervently enthusiastic about the future of the Web and what is coming in HTML5. We've published a round up of that event here together with interviews with Tim and Bruce by Mark Bridge from The Fonecast. Many thanks to Apps World for hosting us.


The same week found The Mobile Academy at Droidcon. A fabulous event, by everyone's account. Looks like The Age of the Wearable has truly arrived, we're going to have to do a focus event on that, let us know if you have something to show ... many thanks to our friends over at Droidcon for hosting The Mobile Academy.

Next Event: MWC Stand Competition Finals

We've had a great response to our call to participate in the UKTI / ICT KTN competition for free stand space at Mobile World Congress 2014. The short-listing process has been very tough, congratulations to those who made it to the finals:

Nquiring Minds - Nick Allot
Viewranger - Ben Howard
Capito Systems - Tony Ballardie
23snaps - Meaghan Fitzgerald
5Tiles - Margaret Gold
Peachinc - Mark Mantock
Spatial Buzz - Leon Hardwick
Coveritas - Sean Redmond
Design for Social Change - Priya Prakash
Red Glasses - Adam Martin

Naming names, here are the judges for the event:

Mel Dyche – UKTI
Eddie Murphy – ICT KTN
Mike Short – Telefonica
Chris Bignell – XL Comms
Jo Rabin – Mobile Monday London

We still have a few spaces for Monday, so come and cheer for your favourite! Register here.

Developer Economics ... win your dream phone!

Once again (for the 6th time) the wonderful people over at Vision Mobile are carrying out their annual survey of sentiment on all things mobile. MoMoLo has been a fervent supporter of this over the years, the results provide some really great research and insights. I'm sorry to say that we don't typically get a typhoon of entries from London, which is a great shame. So let's show our community spirit and make a difference this year!

10 minutes of your time could result in your winning an iPhone 5c, a Galaxy S4 or a Nokia Lumia 925 - plus a load of other cool stuff that I don't have space to mention here ... now come on, get answering the survey!

That's it for now, very much looking forward to Monday.