19 Jun 2013

Mobile Miscellany, 19 June 2013. Register now for Mobile, Maps and Geolocation, Monday 24th, plus competition for free space at IBC Amsterdam ...

In this Miscellany: A couple of places remain for next Monday 24th June, Mobile, Maps and Geolocation. Round up of last event - Mobile Marketing, competition for free stand space at IBC Amsterdam and various snippets that may be of interest to the community.

Summer Season Kicks Off

With many thanks to the lovely people over at InfoBip we kicked off the summer season with an event on Mobile Marketing which took place on June 3rd. A team of seasoned mobile market commentators, ably captained by Alex Meisl, engaged with with audience in a highly spirited and interactive discussion. Read about it here: http://www.mobilemonday.org.uk/2013/06/10-great-insights-from-our-3-june.html

Next Event, Monday 24th June, Mobile, Maps and Geolocation

Our venerable 222 year old supporters, Ordnance Survey, will hold a pre-event sneak preview of their new OpenSpace SDK and API (iOS and Web, followed by Android). That will be followed by a panel session on Mobile, Maps and Geolocation, with a glittering panel led by Gary Gale. We have just a few spaces left for both events. Arrival at 4pm for the sneak preview and 6pm, as usual, for the panel session. Register on Eventbrite: http://momolo-2013-06-24.eventbrite.com

Mobile Operating Systems, Monday 15th July

Supported by Canonical, the folks behind Ubuntu, we'll be concluding our summer season on 15th July, looking at Mobile Operating Systems - just when the field seemed to have narrowed to two, all of a sudden it looks like the it is opening up again - not least, the new phone and tablet versions of Ubuntu. We'll be looking at what implications this has for mobile and the choices that app developers and others now need to make.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Winners

A couple of weeks ago you may recall that our friends over at Samsung invited you to enter a survey with prizes! I've already received my copy of "Tizen for Dummies" and hope that you are enjoying yours. They now tell us that they've picked the winners of the S4 competition, so the lucky winners will be receiving an email shortly. We'll not publish their names here to save their modesty ...

Keynote DeviceAnywhere, Testing and QA, Tomorrow Afternoon

Our other friends over at Keynote DeviceAnywhere tell us that they have an afternoon event tomorrow (1pm - 5pm Thursday 20th) that may be of interest on the subject of testing on Mobile - entitled "The Enterprise Goes Mobile: Everything Development Teams Need to Know About Mobile Testing". Check it out at http://www.keynote.com/mobile_testing_roadshow/enterprise-goes-mobile-london.html

Competition for Free Space at IBC Amsterdam 13-17 September

You have till 5.00pm on 28th June (Friday week) to apply for a competition being run by the Digital TV Group with UKTI, ICTKTN and The IET for one of four free spaces at IBC. Check out the entry form at http://www.dtg.org.uk/StandCompetition

Short that this Miscellany is, hopefully no less sweet for that.

Hope to catch you on Monday.