2 Nov 2010

Trends in mHealth–the next big thing or not?

Our next Mobile Monday London event on Monday 8th November is on the topic of mHealth. Now it’s not an area I know a lot about personally, save for my dentist sending me very useful reminders by SMS for my dreaded appointments, but from talking to a few people about it, I know that mHealth is big news. And our sponsor, DCKTN, certainly thinks so too.

So that’s what we’re going to cover. We’re taking a look at the latest trends in mHealth in the UK and the Middle East, including a look at innovation and what the key issues are that need addressing with mobile solutions. We’ll find out what some of the opportunities are for mobile companies, large and small, and how to tap into those and if it really is the next big thing or not.

Moderating the session is Hadley Beeman, Founder of LinkedGov and specialist advisor to health organisations. And then on the panel, we have Robyn Glen from NHS Choices, Mark Kramer from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria, Barry Flaherty who is International Business Development Director for Grow in Qatar, Sophia Salenius who is CEO and Founder of Regpoint. With such an international flavour to our panellists this time, and a wealth of experience in mobile health services across the globe, don't miss out on this event!

So that’s 8th November and the venue is the CBI at Centrepoint and doors will open as usual at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. The panel discussion will run for about an hour and 15 minutes and then there’ll be drinks and networking afterwards.

Please register and RSVP at http://momolo.org.uk/

Please also note that we will be sharing the RSVP list for this particular event with DCKTN.

See you there!