14 Jan 2010

Mobile Premier Awards at Mobile World Congress – vote for the #momolo entrant now!

Hello folks --
I'm afraid we've had a bit of a snafu with our selection of a nominee for the Mobile Premier Awards in Barcelona on Feb 15 (http://www.mobilepremierawards.com/). The deadline for submission of the nominee for the Mobile Monday category has taken us a bit by surprise -- It's our fault, we weren’t paying close enough attention to the emails we got from the MPA team.

In any case, we (Jo, Dan, Helen & Alex) have gone through the companies that nominated themselves and come up with a short list of nominees. We need to pick one of them to put forward to the final in Barcelona on Monday 15th February during Mobile World Congress. Dan has put these into a simple Yahoo! poll, which will be open for voting until end-of-day (midnight, UK time) today (Thursday the 14th January).
The poll is here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/momolondon/surveys?id=2264209

Our nominees are:

Audioboo - http://www.dotopen.com/organizations/view/audioboo  http://twitter.com/audioboo  http://audioboo.fm

Little World Gifts - http://www.dotopen.com/organizations/view/little-world-gifts http://twitter.com/lwgifts http://littleworldgifts.com

Flook by Ambient Industries - http://www.dotopen.com/organizations/view/flook http://twitter.com/ambientwit  http://flook.it

Zkatter - http://www.dotopen.com/organizations/view/zkatter-ltd  http://twitter.com/zkatter  http://zkatter.com

Apologies if the voting URL gets corrupted or you can’t read it for some reason - if it does, just login into the yahoo group, visit "Polls" on the left-hand navigation bar and vote from there. Good luck to the nominees and let the voting begin!

You must be an existing registered member of our Yahoo! Group to vote and we will not be processing any new memberships until after the voting has closed tonight.

If you have any questions on this please contact Dan Appelquist. He’s in charge of this one!

Get voting folks!!