18 Dec 2009

Monday 18 Jan 2010 - Mobile Application Sustainability - MoMo in Brighton

The Smoke meets The Sea - Mobile Monday London takes a trip down to the coast to talk about sustainability in Mobile.

Although individually handsets do not consume much power, with an estimated 6 billion in use by 2013 recharging them is set to become a serious environmental issue. Undue use of power in the handset also causes serious user frustration at short battery lifetime, so there is likely a strong consumer motivation for greener applications.

Hosted by DCKTN, at the prestigious Hotel du Vin, Brighton, MobileMonday London will be examining the question of power efficiency of mobile applications at an event in Brighton, on 18th Jan.

The event will centre around a paper by Galit Zadok and Riikka Puustinen, proposing a design methodology they call "The Green Switch". Tory Dunn and Franco Papeschi from Vodafone will also present on mobile apps for sustainability including a round-up from the last year's EcoMo event.