1 Feb 2016

Mobile Miscellany, 1 Feb 2016: Free MWC Exhibition Pass Competition and Possible Stay-at-Home Drinks

Not got your MWC Ticket yet? We have a competition from our lovely friends over at 51Degrees who have some exhibition passes to give away!

51Degrees is the purveyor of the finest quality device detection to improve your Web presence and unsurprisingly they'll be spreading the message at this year's MWC. They'd like to meet you there, and to help you do that they have some passes they'd like to give away.

Here's the entry form: https://51degrees.com/MWC-2016

Entries must be in by Weds 10 Feb and the draw will be on the 11th.

As if that was not enough, they've kindly indicated that they are interested in supporting a stay-at-home drinks for those of us who are not going. Let us know (contact@mobilemonday.org.uk or tweeting us at @momolondon) and if there are enough of us Cinderellas we'll organise a get-together.

That's it for this Micro Miscellany.