2 Nov 2015

Apps World 18-19 Nov - Discounts, Pop up Tea Party & Support our Start-ups!

Join us for Pop Up Tea Party at 3.30pm on the Wednesday 18th. By registering with us for tea here, http://momolo-and-moblacad-atappsworld.eventbrite.co.uk/, you will also get a free pass to the full 2 days. You will find our Mobile Monday London / The Mobile Academy Startup Village clearly marked on the exhibition map (else, just listen for the whooping!).

If you want to go to the paid parts of the exhibition, you can get a 25% discount by registering here http://bit.ly/1VN5cmI and entering code I8RTYMOMO25.

We are delighted also to announce the winners of our competition for a stand in our Startup Village. Do pop over and say hi!

Double is like Tinder but for double dates. You sign up with a friend and then get matched with other pairs nearby. Anonymously like or dislike pairs that Double suggests in you area. If a pair you’ve liked likes you back then it’s ‘Double Trouble!’ and you can have a group chat inside the app. Our vision is to make dating more fun, less awkward and safer for our generation.

Additional Numbers for Calls & Texts  
Swytch offers you the ability to use additional mobile numbers on your existing handset without adding a SIM card or changing your provider. Get immediate access to as many mobile numbers as you need. It's easy, instant and completely hassle free. A great way to separate business and personal communications, obtain temporary numbers for dating or marketplace services - good for travellers, ex-pats and businesses based abroad.

In-App Feedback and Visual Bug Reporting Solution for Android and iOS apps making the bug reporting process seamless by allowing testers to report issues directly from app with the help of Screenshots, annotation and Screen Recording so it is easier for testers to report and pinpoint the issue and for developer to see and understand the issue clearly.

Minority Report style billboards that change as you walk towards them displaying your social media profile photo, products that match your demographic profile and interests. And now it also scans what's you're wearing and build ls a style profile.

Personalised broadcast of Live events: the viewer creates own  virtual experience by choosing from multiple camera angles, on the fly!

Albert is the financial buddy for the self-employed on their mobile. Millions of freelancers are still dealing with excel files, bags of receipts, and often are not on top of their finances. Albert solves this by making finances on a mobile extremely simple and accessible to everyone, helping with invoicing, expenses and payments. Albert is built by the people who also created the mobile apps for Natwest, RBS and the BBC Sports, and is in the Wayra accelerator.

BibShot is the sports photography marketplace for athletes and spectators to buy and sell photos. We will soothe athletes' pain by offering an affordable, mobile first and mobile best solution.

Vitaq test automation  
Vitaq is a UK developed, Bletchley Park based, innovation of the year award winning test automation tool suite. Vitaq has just been extended to App testing using Python and the Selenium Appium open framework.  Vitaq becomes your intelligent virtual user that will create controlled random exploratory test sequences to push through your user requirement tests. It is proven to find functional bugs and defects that other approaches miss. Let your compute resource do the heavy lifting of release testing, rather than the hugely expensive, cumbersome and error prone methods of development and QA test script writers.