15 Oct 2014

Mobile Miscellany, 15th October, Free Stands at Apps World, Next Event 12th November ...

In this Miscellany we have opportunities for free stands at Apps World, free places to GLAZEDCon, find out more about Community Based Learning opportunities for your company and a bumper crop of events over at CDEC.

Last Chance: Free stands in the MoMoLo Startup Zone at Apps World, 12th and 13th November

We have a fantastic offer for start-ups at Apps World which is at ExCeL, 12th and 13th November. If you are a company or have a demo-able App that is less than 1 year old, you might like to apply for a free stand in the MoMoLo Startup Zone. (It's worth £1k). A great opportunity to show the industry what you have. Please do that here by this Friday 17th October.

MoMoLo Drinks Reception at Apps World, 12th November

In addition, we are hosting a drinks reception at our MoMoLo Startup Zone on the the first night - 12th November - you can register here plus we get an invite to ride on the Emirates Air Line and carry on at the after party, so you might look to book the next morning off work!

By registering with us, you will also get access to the exhibition, which is free to attend. If you also want to attend the various conference tracks you can enter MOMO15 and get a 15% discount on the ticket price. So, for the reduced price conference tickets, register here and for the drinks reception and exhibition pass only, register here .

Free Places to GLAZEDcon UK 22nd October, London, N1

GLAZEDcon UK is a 1 day conference and evening showcase focused on the latest innovations and opportunities in Wearable Technology and IoT. We have free tickets for the first two to get to the registration page and enter the code MoMoFREE. If you don't make it in time, you can also get 25% of the ticket price with the code MoMo25 (making it £135).

Community Based Learning in Action

Is your business looking to participate in the booming London innovation scene? Perhaps you are interested in a specific aspect of that scene? Or maybe you are looking for an all round good product innovation course for your employees?

We are currently running our fifth season of The Mobile Academy - the 10 week evening course we co-host with UCL where we invite experts from the community to share their broad knowledge with those that are working on new product ideas. We are opening the doors for you to take a look and see what it is all about. So if you want to find out more, feel free to pop by on a Tuesday or Thursday evening before 2nd December - please get in touch with julia@mobilemonday.org.uk.

Connected Digital Economy Catapult Centre announces its Launch Season

The Connected Digital Economy Catapult is promoting over 40 events to launch its new Centre at King’s Cross. The events cover the latest innovations in technology and the creative sector and are free to attend. Find out more here.

That’s all for now - remember to get your application for a free stand at Apps World in by Friday!