16 May 2013

Next Event, 3 June, Mobile Marketing - Truth, Misconception and Wishful Thinking

Mobile Marketing looks like it is changing and moving on. But separating out fashion and sentiment from hard facts can be a problem. Take the following statements: there's a massive underspend in mobile (compared with other channels, especially print). SMS, once a hot topic in Mobile Marketing is now more or less dead. One is true, the other isn't.

Our wonderful sponsors for this event, Infobip, certainly know a great deal about the mobile space and connecting people through the mobile medium. With their help we'll be looking at what the emerging trends in Mobile Marketing are, what remains the same, what's no longer true. It seems that we have been saying since the dawn of time that mobile is a personal channel, that it's perfect for having a dialogue and that when you get it right, the ROI exceeds other channels. Did that memo ever got circulated? Even now, it's hard to put your finger on who is using these powerful properties of the medium effectively. There are plenty of examples of mobile being used as a replacement for broadcast and push of canned messages. Amazing that "Do Not Reply" might feature in a channel made for dialogue.

This looks like it's going to be a wide ranging discussion, I would not be at all surprised if we touched on Apps as an engagement channel, the role of mobile operators, and how mobile marketing and the retail shopping experience are shaping up to be the next big thing.

I know that our chair for this event, Alex Meisl of Sponge, won't take offence at being described as an Industry Veteran! Former chair of the Mobile Marketing Association in the UK and current board member at the Institute for Promotional Marketing, Alex will be joined by an eminent panel featuring:

Rube Huljev - Global Operator Partnerships at Infobip
Ben Scott-Robinson, Sapient Nitro
Ilicco Elia, LBi
Douglas McDonald, Independent Consultant


6.00 pm Doors Open
6.30 pm Panel Session
8.00 pm Networking
9.30 pm Close

As usual the event is free to attend (but registration is required at  http://momolo-2013-06-03.eventbrite.com and as usual it will take place at the CBI Conference Centre at Centre Point.  In a departure from the usual, though, as Mobile Marketing is mostly about personalization, we will try to personalize this Mobile Monday night with some Croatian flavours in the form of great wines and food, straight from the coasts of Adriatic!