21 Aug 2012

Mobile Miscellany, 21 Aug 2012, Next Events 3rd and 24th Sept, Offers, Compos, Prizes!

While we Londoners are basking in the warm afterglow of the Olympic games and are looking forward to the Paralympics, here at MoMoLo Towers it's time to sneak in a half-Marathon Mobile Miscellany ...

Next Event: 3rd September, Mobile Apps Marketing 

We've opened registration for our first event of the Autumn season - we're looking at what it takes (aside from building an App of course) to make your app successful ... marketing, promotion, measurement ... our illustrious panel is headed up by Tim Green - Executive Editor, Mobile Entertainment - there's still space, but hurry! Supported by our annual sponsors Samsung, who also have their Smart App Challenge open till 30th Sept (see below).

Register via Eventbrite http://momolondon-2012-09-03-y.eventbrite.com

The Mobile Academy - Making it Mobile

Also if you or anyone else you know is interested in making your mobile app or service successful you should check out our Mobile Academy programme which we're delighted to be co-producing with University College London. 10 weeks of classes, workshops and more, thanks to our sponsors offered at the very accessible price of £300 plus booking fee. The course starts on 18th September and runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

This course is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the design, technology and business aspects of developing successful mobile products, ser­vices and exper­i­ences. Various expert members of our community have kindly agreed to help deliver the programme - check it out at http://themobileacademy.org.uk/

We would much appreciate help with spreading the word ... please tweet about us @moblacad, share the link http://themobileacademy.org.uk/, @jewl is the course director, please send her thoughts, share ideas at julia@themobileacademy.org.uk.

Event: 24th September, HTML5 vs Apps

Sticking with the apps theme, somewhat, we're putting the final touches to our second event in September which will see the return of the very popular annual HTML5 vs Apps debate. This year's supporters are the wonderful folks over at Device Anywhere. Keep the date, we'll be confirming speakers and programme soon ...

Mobile Marketing Live - Winners plus discount code

At the end of July we announced the competition for a free stand kindly offered by Mobile Marketing Live, 1-2 October - and we received a fantastic number of really compelling entries. It was a very tough call, and in the end David Murphy and the team over at Mobile Marketing live generously agreed that they would make not one but two awards! Congratulations to PixelPin and Scramboo - read about the awards at http://www.mobilemonday.org.uk/2012/08/mobile-marketing-live-winners.html.

And don't forget to register and use code MOMO25 for 25% off the event  http://www.mobilemarketingmagazine.com/live/

Campus Party Berlin

10,000 people are expected to gather from today for the rest of the week at Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Opening ceremony is tonight ... look out for friends from MoMos across Europe if you are there  ... http://www.campus-party.eu/2012/index.html

Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards

A reminder to make sure you enter the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards 2012. Make sure to check out the 4 awards which share a prize pot of EUR 200,000. Entry is now open and closes on the 15th October. Information about the categories and entry criteria can be found at http://developer.vodafone.com/smartaccess2012/home/

Friends MoMo Dublin are running an accessibility workshop today/tomorrow in support of the awards - the event is marked as sold out, mind ... http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3928484202

Samsung Smart App Challenge

We've mentioned before that you have till 30th Sept to enter the Smart App Challenge 2012 run by  our lovely annual sponsors Samsung. It has 80 prizes in a prize pot of over $4M ... it has already started, and closes on 30th Sept - so check it out at http://www.smartappchallenge.com/eng/main.do

999 is 75

And finally, a curiosity, via Mike Short. The 999 service has been in operation for 75 years in London - surprisingly, to me at least, 999 was not universally available in the UK till 1976. It makes me think how communication truly changes the way we think about the world. A service innovation that truly changed lives, not to mention saving them. It also makes me think how profoundly mobile services have changed our lives in the somewhat shorter period since they have been introduced.


... look forward to catching you on 3rd Sept - meanwhile, don't forget your sun screen!