19 Oct 2011

Forum Oxford, Power of One and MEX - Special Offers for MoMo London Members

There's no shortage of mobile and tech related conferences these days but three of those that are likely to be of special interest to MoMo London people are coming up shortly - and they all have special deals.

Also details to follow on our (as usual) free to attend MoMoLo "Now we are Six" Birthday Party on Monday 7th November . Christopher Robin will be chairing the panel of Poo, Tigger, Eeyore and Kanga on the highlights of the last 6 years and what is to come in the Hundred Acre Wood!

Those events, in calendar order:

Friday 28th October: ForumOxford: Mobile Apps and Technologies Conference, Oxford

This year's conference focuses on Mobile Commerce, NFC payments and the Mobile Web

Details: http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/H600-23

Register: Use https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/account/registration/index.php?id=O11C812H6J to attend for £200 instead of the usual £295

Friday 11th November: Power of One, Battersea Power Station

Power of One is a day for developers and entrepreneurs to get together and celebrate how much the individual can achieve in today's tech industry.

Details: http://p0wer0f1.com

Register: http://www.amiando.com/p0wer0f1.html Use code MOMO for a 20% discount on the £99 + VAT fee.

You could get to pitch your company to the assembled crowd http://p0wer0f1.posterous.com/want-to-speak-at-power-of-one

Wednesday 30th Nov - Thursday 1st Dec: MEX, London

The 10th MEX on the future of mobile user experience. 100 creative thinkers will work together over 2 days focused on 7 curated Pathways, ranging from multi-touchpoint design to new forms of mobile interaction.

Details: http://pmn.co.uk/mex/

Continuing a long tradition of MEX and MoMoLo, individuals and early stage start-ups who wouldn't otherwise have the budget to attend MEX can apply for one of the fully supported MEX Scholarship places. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, 25th October

Scholarship: http://pmn.co.uk/mex/scholarships09m.shtml

If you don't qualify for a scholarship place there's also a limited number of two-for-one places available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Register: http://pmn.co.uk/mex/register.shtml