18 Sept 2011

Upcoming UKTI Webinars: The India Opportunity–Semiconductors, Low Carbon and E-health

I’ve just had this in from our friends at the UKTI about some free webinars they’re holding in October to alert UK companies to opportunities in the Indian market. So spread the word amongst your tech friends in the UK so they can take advantage. After all, the tech wave is moving East not West…

The Indian market presents significant opportunities for UK companies in the technology sector. Next month (October 2011), UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is running a series of seminars with expert speakers from India outlining the market opportunities in:

  • Semiconductors: Tuesday 4th October 2011
  • Green technology (low carbon): Tuesday 18th October 2011
  • E-healthcare: Tuesday 25th October 2011

*Semiconductors – 4th October 2011

Along with our partner, the India Semiconductor Association (ISA), this webinar will explore the scope for UK semiconductor companies in the Indian electronics industry – which is expected to grow to over US$ 400 billion by 2020. The webinar will be led by Mr. Venugopal Puvvada, senior director of engineering at QUALCOMM’s Bangalore design centre, who has almost 20 years history within India’s semiconductor sector, having previously been with Texas Instruments.

Mr. Puvvada will outline the growth of the chip design industry in India and the semiconductor ecosystem, talk about the talent pool and innovation in low power wireless semiconductor design in India, and highlight some of the gaps that need to be addressed to achieve the demand in the Indian electronics industry.

Semiconductor sector snapshot - The Indian semiconductor design industry, comprised of VLSI design, board design and embedded software companies, has design companies clustered around Bangalore, Delhi/Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, with presence also in Pune, Ahmedabad and Goa. All the global top ten fabless design companies have India operations and 17 of the top 25 semiconductor companies have a strong presence in the country.

Are you a UK Company Interested in this Free Webinar? Please contact: Raj at raj.ganesh@fco.gov.uk

Note: Attendees at this webinar will also get a chance to learn how they can take advantage of a market visit to coincide with the Indian industry’s flagship annual event, the ISA Vision Summit 2012 taking place in February 2012.

*Green technology (low carbon) – 18th October 2011

This webinar, presented by UKTI in conjunction with our partner E&Y, looks at the scope for UK technology companies addressing low carbon solutions for public and private sectors.

The environmental technologies market in India is estimated at approximately $9 billion per year – with an annual growth rate of 15%. The Indian Government has initiated many new projects for improving environmental conditions and reducing pollution ($12.4 billion is reserved for improvement of waste management, development of urban areas, water and sanitation, etc., in 63 cities across the nation). The booming Indian economy, rapid industrialization, and urbanization have all contributed to severe environmental damage which creates opportunities for UK firms that can offer technology solutions to these challenges.

Are you a UK Company interested in this Free Webinar? Please contact: Deepika at deepika.sekhar@fco.gov.uk

*E-healthcare – Tuesday 25th October 2011

This webinar is focused on the E-healthcare market in India and highlights the scope for UK companies, and the current scenario with respect to Government policies and challenges.

India is characterized by low penetration of healthcare services where 90% of secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities is in cities and towns – away from rural India where 68% of population lives; and primary health care facilities for rural population are highly inadequate. Despite several initiatives by Government and private sector, the rural and remote areas continue to suffer from absence of quality healthcare.

A significant proportion of patients in remote locations could be successfully managed locally with advice/ guidance from specialists/ super-specialists in cities, without having to travel to the specialists. There are huge opportunities in setting up of telemedicine networks across the country especially in hardware, software, connectivity and information exchange.

Our speakers include Dr. Jawahar Shah, Managing Director of Mind Technologies, and Apollo Hospital’s Dr K Ganapathy, as well as Mr. Sampath Kumar from Sankar Nethralaya.

Are you a UK company interested in this Free Webinar? Please contact: Revanti at revanti.wadhwa@fco.gov.uk