15 Jun 2010

BlackBerry Developer Day – London 24 June

bb dev day banner_img

Yes, it seems to be in the air. Developer days coming thick and fast. Well, we’re particularly pleased to be supporting BlackBerry with their upcoming Developer Day in London next week because they’ll be sponsoring our next MoMoLo event on 19th July on the hot topic of how to market your mobile application. More details will be coming soon on that but in the meantime, let me tell you a bit about the upcoming BlackBerry Developer Day next week.

BlackBerry® Developer Day brings together experts and industry insiders to provide you with the latest news and opportunities in the world of apps. With in-depth technical sessions and expert advice you can soon be on the road to creating successful applications for BlackBerry® smartphone.

This event is perfect for anyone seriously interested in app development. Whether you're a business partner, content generator or developer, if you're looking to get the most effective and commercial results this is an event not to be missed.

With over 41 million subscribers in 180 countries, find out how you can profit from developing content and applications for BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry has supported Mobile Monday London and Heroes of the Mobile Screen in the past and we’re delighted to have that support continue. We’re particularly interested in the ‘Super Apps’ concept which we learned a little about on our demo night back in March. And I’m quite sure you’ll be able to find out a lot more about that, and much more, at the Developer Day next week. Sadly, I won’t be in attendance since I shall be sitting in a field in Somerset listening to some music next week at some small, insignificant music event that no-one’s ever heard of. But if I wasn’t doing that, I’d definitely be there! Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to go, please do register to confirm your place.

The event is free to attend and all you have to do is go to this page here and click the link for ‘register for an event near you’