2 Feb 2010

Enabling Mobile Voice Services‏

Registration is now open for our February event (this Monday, Feb 8th), 'Enabling Mobile Voice Services'. Huge thanks must go out to Skype stepping in as sponsors so late in the day and making this event possible!

With the rise of smarter handsets and 3G, services such as VoIP, speech recognition and audio processing are now more of a reality, this month we look deeper into these services and discuss commercial and strategioc challenges, and look at how you can utilise these services into your own solutions.

Monday's event will be held at our usual venue, CBI Conference Centre above Tottenham Court Road tube station. As always, doors open at 6pm and we will kick the evening off at 6.30pm. Along with speakers, we will have a number of demos and a panel, so get your questions ready! The event is followed by drinks and networking, a great opportunity whether you plan to go to the Mobile World Congress or are staying in the UK this year.

To register yourself for the event, go to: http://tinyurl.com/y8dnjtk and we will see you on Monday!

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