29 Nov 2009

Last Chance to win a place at a MWC 2010 Pre-Show Press Event with UKTI

UK Trade & Investment has created a unique opportunity for 20 UK companies to engage with the media in the run up to Mobile World Congress 2010.

On 20th January 2010, UKTI will be hosting a media speed networking event in London for the successful companies, these companies will be selected from a panel board and notified of their involvement by 10th December 2009.

The event will enable UK companies to meet with relevant journalists with an interest in Mobile World Congress in advance of the show to share news and generate interest in their company's products and services.

It can be notoriously difficult to gain the attention of journalists at Mobile World Congress, particularly for smaller companies. This event aims to provide an opportunity for companies to do so before the Congress takes place.

There is a strict limit to the number of companies that can benefit from this event and for this reason companies that wish to be considered will need to complete a simple form and also be able to fulfil some strict criteria.

The criteria are:
» Submission must be made by 30 November 2009
» You will need to have someone available to be present in London on 20th January
» You will need to have a newsworthy story: product, innovation, or development that you are able to speak with the media about
» Whilst we will ask journalists not to use the information that they receive until Mobile World Congress, companies attending will need to be certain that the news they have will be ready for public release on 15th February 2010. It will not be possible to include innovations or agreements that are not certain to take place
» You will need to be available on the telephone during November or December 2009 to discuss the news that you will be announcing at Mobile World Congress

What kind of journalists will be attending this event?
We will invite journalists from national, trade, technical and consumer technology publications that have an interest in Mobile World Congress 2010. We will also invite the Mobile World Congress show newspaper and television station.

Will I be certain that my news will be published?
No. This will depend on the news agenda for journalists and the newsworthiness of your stories.

What is in it for me?
You will get the chance to tell the story of your company to up to 20 journalists with an interest in mobile communications before they arrive at Mobile World Congress.


Name of Company:
Year founded:
Number of employees:
Primary spokesperson for the media:
Company description:
Company primary market:
Company primary customers (eg manufacturers, mobile operators):
Company's target media publications:
Briefly describe the news you will be announcing at Mobile World Congress 2010:

Submit you application to Jessica Eddens on mobileworldcongress[at]tradefair[dot]co[dot]uk

STOP PRESS: Please note that we will have tickets to give away for Mobile World Congress in a draw for delegates of Heroes of the Mobile Screen on 7 December. You can buy tickets now for £99 (ex VAT/bkg fee) at http://mobileheroes.net/register