24 Sept 2007

Mobile Monday London 8th Oct at Centre Point

Kindly hosted by the W3C Mobile Web Initiative (http://www.w3.org/Mobile), with
support from IST European Project 3GWeb (http://www.w3.org/2006/3GWeb/).

It will explore the current state of the Mobile Web; this will be more than
just a comprehensive update from last year's event - which was on the theme
of "Will the real mobile Web please step forward?"

Since then, the real mobile Web has actually stepped forward. Things have
changed over the last year, with the standards for mobile maturing, real
business models emerging, and not least a passionate debate about the role
and place of transcoding and adaptation in helping mobile users enjoy an
experience of Web sites that were not designed with mobile in mind.

Philipp Hoschka, Deputy Director of the W3C will be presenting on how the
standards landscape has developed to support people who wish to present a
customised mobile user experience.

Ed Moore, from Openwave and previously from Wider Web, will explore
transcoding and adaptation technologies that bring a mobile experience from
sites that do not natively do so.

Mark Curtis of Flirtomatic will explain how they have found their way though
the mobile user experience jungle and are now developing revenue streams
from mobile, hopefully to answer the question: why should I care anyway?

We will also have demonstrations from dotMobi of their tools to help
developers provide mobile user experiences and from Mippin of their
technology for making the mobile Web more of a reality.

If you're interested in the mobile Web, its technology, how to find a
business model, and generally why to care about it at all, this will be the
event for you!

We'll be opening registrations in the time-honoured fashion during the week
of October 1st. So keep an eye out on the list for registration information.

[Update: Sorry this event is full up]

Looking forward to seeing you there.