24 Aug 2006

4th of September: Mobile Advertising

MMA LogoAnother month, another Mobile Monday! Our next event on September 4th, sponsored by and in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association, will focus on the future of Mobile Advertising. What new business and technology trends are impacting is important part of the mobile ecosystem? We have a packed agenda starting with MMA chairman Nick Wiggin as well as speakers Russell Buckley from admob, Matthew Law from Dare Digital, Dave Barker from Enpocket, Steve Mantle from ITV and Steve Ricketts from Orange. As with all MoMo London events, admission is free but space is limited so please register if you would like to attend. (If you are not already a member of the mailing list, you must join in order to register for the event.) The event will be held in the "heart of London's media centre" at the Winchester Club. Doors will open at 18:00.